Hi Gang!

Way before The Legendary Tom DeFalco and I were invited to do that short story for The Shield we teamed up to pitch a re-vamp of the Archie Comics Super-Heroes!

At the time I was unaware of the majority of these oft-forgotten arbiters of justice so we decided that Tom would provide me with only a list of the character names and we would see where the flow of ideas would take us.

Some were obvious, as in the meaning of the term “the web” now as opposed to the original creation’s era. Most just became a springboard for fresh takes and hopefully fun ideas!

After initially entertaining the possibility of launching our newly minted versions as digital first episodes,part of their budding(at the time)on-line presence,Archie ultimately passed on the pitch.

One more “that woud’ve been fun!” in an ever growing list of such attempts. It can be a difficult thing to convince a publisher to take a chance and spend money on an idea by a couple of dreaming knuckleheads!

Anyway,here are a few of the re-jiggered characters we pitched!
Please keep in mind that if you were indeed a big fan of the original concepts and dislike the idea of changing anything about them IT DIDN”T HAPPEN SO KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON!

If you’re not familiar with the original versions,I’ve included an old house ad from an Archie publication of the 1960’s!


Ron Frenz