How did you get involved with Red Circle?

I believe I dealt with Robin Snyder, who had an office at Archie Comics on First Avenue.  Dunno how I hooked up with them, tho.  Might have been thru Jack Abel.  My favorite work for them was a 2 pager I inked over Steve Ditko.  The Story of the Fly’s BuzzGun.  It came out real well.

The story you drew in Mighty Crusaders #11 was written by Rich Margopoulous.  What do you remember of him?

Don’t think I ever met him, or talked to him by phone.  I don’t have problems with scripts, so I almost never have to deal with the writer.  I dealt with the editor.  But the story was perfectly servicable, as these things go comics-wise.

You drew the Fox story in Mighty Crusaders #12 (also by Margopoulous). What did you think of this character?

If it ain’t TOTH, why bother?  I thought the FOX was a third-rate WILDCAT — who is probably a third-rate BATMAN, himself.  But I loved working with Frankie Giacoia, my favorite superhero inker.

How did you get involved with Impact Comics?

My old MARVEL buddy, Jim Owlsley was editing the book and needed a penciller he knew he could rely upon. C’est moi!

What did you think of the Comet from Impact, vs the Red Circle one?

I never met a reboot I liked.  The original anything is best. (Except maybe Julie Schwartz’ Flash, Green Lantern & Atom)

Was Impact the first time you used the psudonem “Turner Allen” in your work?

It’s the only time.  Twas also spelled Turner Alan.

How was Mark Waid as a writer, to work with?

Same as with Rich M.

What was it like working on a new version of the Golden Age Shield? (Red Circle vs. Impact)

I don’t really remember the story, and I’m unable to find a copy of the book.  But, as I said, nix mit der reboots!

The back-up stories in the Impact Annuals (featuring the Shield) were listed as being done by Turner Allen, but the art style seemed very different.  Was this a conscious move to make it a bit more “golden age-y”?

Again, I dunno.  I don’t have a copy.  It is also possible that some story(ies) were misattributed to me, “whoever” I was.  I seem to recall that happening.

Was your stint on the Comet just supposed to be “for a few issues”, or were you tabbed to be the new artist for the book, since Tom Lyle was leaving?

It was not presented to me as an ongoing, i.e. regular gig.  I think Jimmy just was stuck with some unprofessional behavior from previous art hands and needed someone he knew could “catch up” with the schedule.  I’m fast when so tasked.

Did you have any part in the creation of the Impact Bob Phantom?

I don’t remember how explicit the Bob Phantom script was on art direction.  But I did create the visual.

Overall, what did you think of Red Circle/Archie Adventure and Impact Comics?

“A” for effort for Red Circle.  Fine entry level comics — perhaps bridging the ARCHIE crowd to the MARVEL crowd, reader-wise.  Didn’t care for Buckler’s stuff tho.  He squeezed out Snyder and his crowd.  Wanted the work for his shop.  Poisoned Snyder behind his back with ARCHIE management.  Wotta skunk.  The IMPACT stuff was ok comics, but a waste of their namesakes.  Give reboots the boot!

Thank you very much for the help you’ve been.

You’re welcome.  Hope there’s a comics business when your kids grow up.