Created by:
Angela Robinson

Real Name:
99 Active Agents

First Appearance:
Web #2, December 2009

First DC Appearance:
Web #2, December 2009

John Raymond set up a website to find and help those that could not help themselves at However, John quickly discovered that he could not deal with the huge quantity of requests the web site generated. He created the Web Host. A group of 99 Agents who would be given a Web uniform and were expected to service the requests to while John worked to discover the reason for his brother’s death.

All powers are from the Web Uniform.

Based on individual Agents.

Human. The suit may allow a Web Host to lift as much as a couple of tons.

Web Hosts have been shown to be susceptible to attacks against the core software used to manage all suit functions. The Web Host suits have also been shut down centrally by the Web in the past when their actions were seen to be dangerous; however, this killswitch over-ride has been disabled by at least three Web Hosts through their own actions.

Web #2, December 2009
Web #3, January 2010
Web #4, February 2010
Web #5, March 2010
Web #10, August 2010

text by Leon Mallett