My name is Stacy Baugher.  I live down in Clinton, MS and am a RABID comic book fan.

You may have heard of a video game put out on the Xbox video game system called FORZA MOTORSPORT.  The game allows you to race various cars which are technical replicas of real world cars.  Beside the massive online play, you can also create your own custom paintjobs to race or sell online (for virtual game money).

I have been making massive amounts of comic book paintjobs for my cars.  Practically every car in my virtual garage was inspired from comic super heroes.

Two of the four paintjobs I created tonight where based off old Mighty Crusader characters.  The Comet and The Shield.  I am mighty proud of them, especially the SHIELD, and thought that you might like to see them.  I cannot think of any other video game reference to these characters.  Although this was not “officially” endorsed by the company, I am glad I had the chance to honor some of my favorite comic book characters in this way.

If you would like to see some of the other cars, select the different photo albums on the right side of my Spaces website, located here….