The Fly
aka Thomas Troy

Prowess 5
Coordination 5
Strength 6
Intellect 5
Awareness 8
Willpower 5

Stamina 11

*Damage Resistance 3
*Flight 5
*Blast – Sonic Burst (Wings) 4 (Limit: Tiring)
*Wall-Crawling 5
*Super-Senses – The Fly can see in all directions at once. This is factored into his Awareness.
*Buzz Gun – Sonic Attack 6
*Fly Ring – allows Dimensional Travel (10) to the Fly Dimension

Note: During the Silver Age, the Fly also possessed Growth 4 but this ability was never used nor mentioned in later stories. In some stories he also displayed the ability to radiate the light of “a million fireflies in one”. In game terms this would be Dazzle 7 but since it was used so rarely it would have Limits: Tiring and Preparation.

Aerial Combat (+1 bonus), Investigation (+1 bonus), Law (Expert +2 bonus), Leadership (+1 bonus), Occult – Fly People (Expert +2 bonus), Weapons – Buzz Gun (Expert +2 bonus)

Pure of Heart
Core Member of the Crusaders
Champion of the Fly People


Tommy Troy lived in the Westwood Orphanage. The superintendent, Aaron Creacher, hired him out to raise money.

Tommy thus worked for elderly Ben (aka Ezra), and Abigail March. Tommy learned that they were wizards. Late one night, he tried on a fly shaped ring he found in the attic.

It glowed and a door opened to another dimension , from which stepped Turan of the Fly People. He explained that millions of years before, Fly People ruled the Earth but they waged war with magic, reducing most of the population to common houseflies.

Only a few Fly People were able to escape, fleeing to a dimensional plane outside the Galaxy. There they have waited patiently for “one person… pure of heart” to make war against greed and crime, which were their own downfall. Troy has these qualities.

Thus whenever he rubs the ring and says, “I wish I were the Fly,” he is projected into the other dimension and returns as a costumed adult called the Fly. To become his civilian identity, all the youth has to do is utter his name.

Tommy continued as the Fly into adulthood, cleaning up crime in Capital City and becoming a lawyer. He became a founding member of The Mighty Crusaders and partnered with Kim Brand, who became Fly-Girl. At some point their relationship came to an end and Kim married Firefly – her daughter has used both Fly-Girl and Firefly as heroic identities. It’s unknown what ultimately became of The Fly.

In many of the Crusaders stories, The Fly was depicted as one of the “big” heroes in the Red Circle reality. In his Thomas Troy identity, all of his physical stats are 3, his Intellect is 5, Awareness is 4 and Willpower is 5.