Starring: Chris Rock

Written by: Chris and Paul Weitz

Produced by: Robert Zemeckis

Art Director: Alex Wright

Based On: The Fly

Created by: Jack Kirby & Joe Simon


October 21, 2000

The Fly is a comic book character created by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon, Jack Kirby is one of the most famous creators of comic book characters that Marvel comics ever had. The comic was first published by Archie Comics back in the 60’s. The story involved a guy being given an amulet that allowed him to be transformed into a superhero called The Fly.

A movie adaptation was announced late last year with the news that Antz creators Chris and Paul Weitz had completed a first draft of a screenplay. Robert Zemeckis is attached to the project as a producer.

A representative for Robert Zemeckis’ production house ImageMovers said that a movie version of the Archie Comics character The Fly is in the early stages of development. A first draft of the movie has been completed by Chris and Paul Weitz (Antz, The Klumps).

The story follows a man who discovers he is descended from a race of fly-like aliens and must save the Earth from spider-like aliens.