In the 1930s and 1940s, children did not have a multitude of toys to choose from. Surviving the depression and recycling many of the materials they did own for the war efforts depleted many toy supplies. The toys that were available were out of their price range. What were children to do? A lot of kids made their own toys, costumes, and what-not from items around their house.

This is the basis of my line of wooden toys. They are made from clothespins, toothpicks, wood scraps, and felt depicting comic book characters from that time. Each is heavily articulated and handcrafted.

The Wooden Age of Comics
Brian Pruitt

commission this work to adorn your desk at work, a shelf in your room or toy collection display. Any character you can come up with can be yours in this small limbless figure.



Custom Action Figure
See your favorite character fully posable and with appropriate accessories.



These figures are non-posable but decked out in action poses or accessories. They start at a low price so maybe request a team set and we can negotiate a price.