Created by:

Harry Shorten and Edd Ashe

Real Name:

Roy Rossman

Joined Mighty Crusaders:

Roy is not a member of the Mighty Crusaders.

First Appearance:

Top-Notch Comics #8, September 1940


Roy was an orphaned shoeshine boy that was taken in by Blaine Whitney to become the Wizards crime-fighting partner, Roy the Super Boy.


Roy, the Super Boy!  Silly name?!  I resemble that remark!  I’ll have you know that I had the name Super Boy long before that imposter in blue and red with the “S” on his chest was even thought of.  I fought Nazis, spies, and other criminals alongside one of the greatest superheroes that ever lived, The Wizard.  Along with my friend Dusty, the Boy Detective, the partner of the Shield (who by the way was the first red-white-and-blue superhero), paired up as the Boy Buddies, I even faced down Hitler himself.  And I didn’t need any fancy x-ray vision, or other superpowers to do it.  All I needed was my wits and fighting skills.  And those spies and criminals knew what was what when we were finished with them. Silly name, indeed!

Roy, the (original) Super Boy

Powers & Weapons:

Roy has no superpowers.


MLJ Comics:
Shield-Wizard Comics 2-13
Top-Notch Comics 8-27

Special Comics1

Hangman Comics 2-8
The Black Hood Comics #’s  9,  11

Mighty & Radio Comics:
Mighty Crusaders 4

TEXT BY: John Packer