Created by: Abner Sundell & Charles Biro

Real Name: Johnathan “Jack” Sterling

Joined Mighty Crusaders: In an untold story prior to Archie’s Weird Mysteries #3

First Appearance: Zip Comics #1 February 1940

Origin: John was enjoying life as a career bodybuilder and movie star when he agreed to help a friend with a “little debt problem.” What his friend failed to mention was that he was indebted to the mob for a few million. John was thrown in molten steel at an industrial metalwork facility to send a message.

Miraculously, John survived, his body tempered into something super-human. Using his stage name, Steel Sterling joined the Mighty Crusaders to combat all forms of villainy.

After many years of service, he retired as mayor of the small town of Red Circle to raise a family. However, he and the other veteran heroes were ambushed by the Brain Emperor and sent to a strange pocket dimension.

John and the others were eventually rescued by the New Crusaders. John returned to find his family slain and his town destroyed. With nothing left, he rejoined the Mighty Crusaders to continue the fight for peace.

Super strength


MLJ Comics:
Zip Comics 1-47
Jackpot Comics 1-9
Roly Poly Comics 1, (2-15?)

Mighty Comics:
Archie…Archie Andrews, Where Are You? Digest 9
Fly Man 39 (1st Silver Age app. 9/66)
Mighty Comics 44, 46, 49
Mighty Crusaders 4, 5, 7

Red Circle Comics:
Blue Ribbon Comics (vol. 2) 3
Mighty Crusaders (vol. 2) 9, 10
Shield 1, 2
Shield/Steel Sterling 3
Steel Sterling 4-7
Archie’s Weird Mysteries 3, 14

Dark Circle Comics:
Mighty Crusaders (vol. 4) 1-4