Created by:
Irv Novick & Harry Shorten

Real Name:
Joe Higgins

First Appearance:
Pep Comics #1, January 1940

First DC Appearance:
Green Arrow/Black Canary #20, July 2009

Lieutenant Joe Higgins was dying in the dirt of a battlefield in Afghanistan when they whisked him away to a top-secret facility and saved his life with nanotechnology so experimental they couldn’t dare to use it on a living man. Now Higgins has been enlisted to a whole new mission – to be the public face of the American fighting man as the patriotic Shield!

Near indestructibility, extraordinary strength, limited flight, access to the spectrum from infrared to ultraviolet, and the ability to monitor all know frequencies.

Able to withstand tremendous heat. Invulnerable to bodily harm. Superhuman strength, could also leap tremendous distances and heightened speed and endurance.


None known

Green Arrow/Black Canary #20, July 2009 (1 page cameo)
Wonder Woman #32, July 2009 (1 page cameo)
Superman #688, July 2009 (1 page cameo)
The Red Circle: Web #1, October 2009 (1 page cameo)
The Red Circle: Shield #1, October 2009 (full appearance)
Shield #1, November 2009
Shield #2, December 2009
Shield #3, January 2010
Shield #4, February 2010
Shield #5, March 2010
Shield #6, April 2010
Shield #7, May 2010
Shield #8, June 2010
Magog #8, June 2010
Shield #9, July 2010
Magog #9, July 2010
Mighty Crusaders Special, July 2010
Shield #10, August 2010
Web #10, August 2010 (Cameo)