Red Rube
aka Rueben Rueben

Prowess 5
Coordination 5
Strength 8
Intellect 5
Awareness 5
Willpower 5

Stamina 13

*Damage Resistance 7
*Superspeed 3
*Leaping 6
*”Hey, Rube!” – The abilities listed above are for the Red Rube in his adult, heroic form. When he’s  Rueben Rueben, all abilities decrease to 3. (Limit: Must be able to speak his phrase out loud in order to change)

Athletics (+1 bonus), Journalism (+1 bonus), Martial Arts (+1 bonus)

*Empowered by his ancestors
*One of the world’s mightiest mortals
*Hey, Rube!

Rueben Rueben was a young orphan who ran away from the orphanage. He hid out in an old castle, but discovered it was his ancestor’s home. His ancestors still haunted the castle as ghosts, all sharing the same name as their descendant, and wanted to help him. Red Rube was given a magical gift, whenever he shouts “HEY RUBE!” he is transformed from a child into an adult superhero. Each Relative gave him an aspect of their greatness, together it made him superhuman.

Rueben later became a cub reporter for the Daily Sun.