How did you get brought in to do a Shield story?

As I recall, John Carbonaro was the editor and he gave it to me.

This was the Lancelot Strong version (Simon/Kirby) as opposed to the original Golden Age hero, correct?

Yes it was the Simon/Kirby Shield.

Was this done before the Rich Buckler Mighty Crusaders books?

I don’t know, I think it was about the same time.

Am I correct in assuming that your story never saw print?

Never saw print that I know of.

Who wrote this tale?

I don’t know who wrote it, John C. might know.

Was this story part of John Carbonaro’s Mighty Crusader plans?

I think it was part of Johns MC plans, but you will have to ask him to be sure.

You’ve said the story was “killed in the inking”.  By whom, and how did they kill it?

From what John told me it was Rich Buckler who killed it. To bad too, I think it was one of my better penciling jobs at the time. Why they killed it i’m not sure. I think Buckler wanted complete control and was trying to get rid of John and any of his people.