There is no greater time in a toy collector’s journey than when they find that something that they thought existed, actually does.

Well, I guess, finding it for a dollar would trump that but no such luck here. After decades of searching, I have found my white whale, the very last produced Parachutist figures by Remco/AHI, The Mighty Crusaders.

I present you with the Web parachutist figure, as you can see he’s “Good”, which likely means they also made the “Evil” character which seems to be the Sting.

While the Shield is on the package, the only Remco/AHI Rack Toys I have ever found feature the Web or the Sting. There is a Web/Sting Helicopter set, both Motorcycles are known to exist (mine is pictured below) and I know someone who has the Sting water gun.

The figure itself is the standard AHI parachute figure we knew and love for the 70s and early 80s.

I think it’s fair to say that most of the Mighty Crusaders Rack Toys pictured on the back of the card got made albeit in minuscule quantities.

The back of this card features a price sticker from Sears which surprises me, I would have thought they were something only found in discount chains.

I’m always excited to find something I didn’t know existed because that just means there is a possibility more toys exist, just waiting to be found.