Intro: MIGHTY CRUSADERS #7, October 1966

Kim Brand’s palatial Hollywood mansion is invaded by The Metal Witch! The Metal Witch announces she is the Metal Master’s mate — and she’s come from the “doom dimension” seeking vengeance! Using her command of metals, she levitates Kim’s Fly ring right off her finger, rendering her incapable of transforming into Fly Girl! The Fly is returning from Fly World, where Turan has given him a ring granting him even greater powers than before. He can’t wait to tell Fly Girl, and is speeding towards her estate, unaware of the danger she’s in. But not for long! Proving that one good turn deserves another, this time it is The Fly who saves Fly Girl! The Metal Witch flees the scene, and Kim is once again able to become Fly Girl. She and The Fly take off after The Metal Witch, and in the process, discover the new powers they have when their rings touch: they can change shape and size, move at incredible speed and have enhanced strength! Together, they use these new powers to defeat the Metal Witch, sending her hurling into space!