Forsythia “Jellybean” Jones was officially named Forsythia after her older brother, whose real name is Forsythe.Jughead dislikes the name in any form, and continues the family tradition of referring to the person only by his/her nickname by calling the baby “Jellybean”. This name came from the type of truck that crashed and caused the traffic jam in which she was born. The name also probably stems from Jughead’s fabled love of food. To Reggie Mantle, whenever he mentions Jellybean’s real name, “Forsythia”, some kind of disaster happened to him, like his car being towed, or him slipping on a can, and injuring himself. Like her brother, she knows whom she can trust and whom she cannot. For example, she gets along with some of her brother’s friends, like Archie Andrews, her brother’s best friend, but she doesn’t trust his girlfriend, Veronica Lodge, as far as she could throw her. In fact, Jellybean can’t stand Veronica, because usually she will use Jellybean to score points with boys, which annoys Jughead to no end. In fact, Veronica had used Jellybean to impress a male nanny, but he, as well as Jughead, saw right through the scheme and walked out on the snobby Veronica. Jughead adores his sister, one of the few females, aside from his mother or his grandmother and aunts, that he can live with. Jellybean also worships the ground Jughead walks on. Her favorite thing is one of Jughead’s old beanies, that she can’t go anywhere without.