Earlier in the month, artist Tone Rodriguez posted on his Facebook page, read by a few dozen fans, his retailer variant cover to the new Mighty Crusaders series that Rob Liefeld is writing and drawing for Archie Comics, with the first issue, The Shield.

Rob Liefeld Spoils Mighty Crusaders In Outrage Against Spoilers

How exciting. Suggesting a dark future Old Man Shield coming to the past to deal with his past self, Cable-style. Causing Rob Liefeld to post the same cover to his Facebook page, read by hundreds of thousands, of people, saying;

When a key plot point/element is revealed on a retail variant cover – it’s probably time to exit the stage on this one…. like seriously? There went that project…

Then Rob Liefeld later stating;

So, earlier this week I posted to one of my groups how I’m trying to keep all the contents of one of my upcoming projects under wraps. I want the reveals and the twists to be fresh and happen organically. I love the story and art and was trying to protect it as best I can. And I had succeeded in doing so. The cover with the big twist being publicly shared as I’m walking out the door to a farewell party for friends was like the big gut punch. All the wind goes out of the sails and the enthusiasm with it. It’s this practice, (one that IDW shielded me from, that’s an ironic statement huh? ) that needs better management. Everyone is trying to one up the other guy because the shelf life on these comics is so small. Publishers need to do better. So, I’ve been around the block, entering 35 years of working in the comics business. I love crafting & drawing stories, I have a full plate of projects I’m currently into.

I’ll just double on the next. No hard feelings. Don’t feel bad for me, I’m happy with all the great opportunities ahead. Carry on!

Looks like Rob Liefeld quit. He also updated, saying;

UPDATE – Archie informed me they did not grant permission for this to be posted and shared, much less tagged to my page. Anyway, it would have been great, but this was kind of the back breaker. Really dumb. It was fun while it lasted… on to the next!

But it has been pointed out to Bleeding Cool that imagery with the figure in question was seen in all announcements and previews to the series.

Is Tone Rodriguez Innocent Of Spoiling Rob Liefeld’s The Shield?

So what exactly got spoiled? Maybe we’ll have to wait until Mighty Crusaders: The Shield #1 by Rob Liefeld is published on the 30th of June by Archie Comics to find out.

(W) Rob Liefeld (A/CA) Rob Liefeld
FIRST ISSUE IN AN ALL-NEW SERIES OF MIGHTY CRUSADERS ONE-SHOTS BY ROB LIEFELD! Legendary, best-selling author and comic creator Rob Liefeld reimagines Archie’s iconic Mighty Crusaders library of characters in this new comic book series, starting with America’s first patriotic superhero: The Shield! In Shops: Jun 30, 2021 SRP: $3.99


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