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The Mighty Crusaders 7 (October 1966)

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Post Sun Mar 09, 2008 9:19 am
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The final issue of Mighty Crusaders and an issue with three separate stories in it. This is an issue which has exactly the same format as an issue of Mighty Comics with its solo (and one two-man team-up) stories.

The first story is a ridiculously far fetched story about Steel Sterling and the Monster Master, a man who has a machine that can create monsters to do his bidding. That alone should be enough for you to get the gist! Still, i found it an entertaining read. It's quite similar in feel to some of the more sci-fi Justice League stories from about this time.

The second story features The Shield (Bill Higgins) and the Black Hood (presumably Matt Burland) in a five page fight against a guy called Hammerhead who drives a large tank with hammers instead of treads. The panels are large so the story takes about two minutes to read. It's nice to see these characters but it's a shame there's no character development here.

The third and final story is another five pager, this time about The Fly and Fly-Girl. It recaps Fly-girl's origin, in a framing device about metal men and women, and then shows Turan (emisarry to the otherdimensional Fly people, and source of the Fly's powers) on his death bed granting different powers to the two heroes. From a continuity point of view this is an important story, as these new abilities will now apply to Fly-girl and Fly-Man as he will soon be known, over in his own title. This story shows that some character development is possible even in a five page story.

This was the final issue of The Mighty Crusaders, which is a shame, and it's also one of the better ones in my opinion, possibly because of the format of separate stories. If you've got the choice of which Mighty Crusaders comics to pick up first, this is a good choice, as are Mighty Comics 40 to 50, which share the same format.
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Whilst fun in context of the time, the major disappointment for me when reading this book was that rather than an issue of Mighty Crusaders, we were given something else entirely (effectively an issue of Mighty Comics as Calum notes). That said, if your are collecting this set of books, then for the sake of completeness it is worth picking up.
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