The Mighty Crusaders: So Others May Live

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The Mighty Crusaders: So Others May Live

Post by lbeezle » Wed Aug 06, 2008 6:08 pm

Note: This is not a typically written story. I basically want to get the generals out of the way and not being too specific unless I have to. With this being a work in progress board I'm sure the further along I get with my story the clearer the message will be. Some changes have made since my revival post as well. Each post, while albeit breif will consist of a single issue summary as if it were a published comic. Thank you and enjoy the read.

The Bridge.
After the Pentagon was destroyed on the terrorist attacks of December 24th 2003, the Department of Defense established a new headquarters. Built along Backbone Mountain along the Maryland West Virginia border, near Hoye Crest, the new facility offered more protection, as well as more privacy. The Bridge was a city onto itself.

Rex Swift has become the director of the newly formed Logistics and Development Department. After his stint as an intelligence officer for the United States Navy, he went on to become a valuable member of CIA and as well as the Department of Homeland Security. Due to the unfortunate event of 12/24, the need for better homeland protection was dire. Rex Swift was on the short list to head this new department. His instructions were simple: “Find the best, and make them better.”

After a lengthy staffing process, and conferring with higher ups he made a presentation to the President, Vice President, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of State, and Joint Chiefs of Staff his intention with his Departmental Project: Crusader.

Swift proposed a group of 7-10 men and women, the best of the best the military had to offer, give enhance their own finely honed skills by experimentation with genetics and new armor improvements. He needed a sniper, reconnaissance, rescue, medical, strategist, communications, infantry and advisor. He revealed the employment of well known geneticist Dr. Thomas Troy, recipient of Nobel Peace Prize of Genetics. He explained to them of the plan of the enhancements each of the chosen were going to be given. The message was clear. Swift departed and awaited the go-ahead for Project: Crusader. After several days of waiting he received the thumbs up.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff provided lists of all volunteers for each field required for Swift’s team. First and foremost he needed a sniper. Matthew ‘Kip’ Burland and Robert Bell were the Marines best sniper pair. They had accounted for 82 confirmed kills during their stint as partners. General Hamilton highly recommended the two.

Swift began the screening process with both separate. Kip clearly beat out his partner by a wide margin. However, Bell wasn’t disqualified from the entire program. Bell came from a long line of proud patriots and Marines. Swift read in Bell's history file that an ancestor of his served under George Washington during the Revolutionary War, while another became the first Union Sniper during the Civil War. Bell was a gracious and devout lover of life, liberty and the American dream. To Swift, that sounded like the perfect candidate for his team leader position.

During one evening, Swift was working late in his office, reviewing the next day’s interviewees’ records for the recon position on the team. Suddenly, his head was forced back and a large blade held to his throat.

“Sorry to disturb you sir, you seemed quite busy. The sugar you used down in the commissary will slowly eat at your liver and that stain you on your shirt youo got from lunch today will come out with a little baking soda and water, and don’t get me started on your mannerisms while you are in the head.”

“What are you here for?”

“Oh. I’m Staff Sergeant Paul Patten, US Marine Corps, sir. I’m here for the recon position on your team. I hope I’m not too early.”

Patten lowered the knife and let go of Swift. He took a chair at the front of Swift’s desk.

“To say impressive is an understatement. You’ve been observing me all day have you?”

“No sir. Just in passing. I don’t need to have my eyes on you all day, only the glimpse and I have all the info I need. Mind like a steel trap.”

Swift began flipping through Patten’s record. “Says here you have eidetic memory? You can memorize complex images under severe duress in less than 10 seconds.”

“More like two.”

“Well, we still have to screen you for the other tactics you are going to need to display.”

“Where do I sign?”

To be continued....

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Re: The Mighty Crusaders: So Others May Live

Post by lbeezle » Fri Aug 08, 2008 5:06 pm

With his sniper and recon position’s filled, Swift began the next day with a progress report on Sergeant Bell’s ‘modification’ from Dr. Troy.

“Good morning Bell, how is Dr. Troy treating you?”

“Like my mother, sir.”

“Has he told you any of the tests we are going to perform on you?”

“Only that I’m going to be made stronger and faster than I have ever been.”

“That’s part of it. You know Dr. Troy has a Nobel Peace Prize for his outstanding work in Genetics?”

“Yes sir, many times.”

“Well he is a bit of a gloater.” Dr. Troy enters the room with a tray of shots. “Speak of the devil.” Swift mumbles.

“Ah, Good morning Bell, Mr. Swift, how are things today?” Dr. Troy asks.

“Well Doc the shot you gave me yesterday hasn’t really done anything.”

“Well Bobby, sometimes the cocktail needs a booster which is why I brought this in.” saying as he is prepping the shot.

“Dr. Troy, what are these shots all about?” Swift inquires.

“Mr. Swift, the first shot, or Troyiza, is a genetic enhancer. Basically it enhances overall abilities 50%. Senses become sharper, strength increases, agility, stamina, etcetera. I can make the shot as potent or as mild as required. My studies have proved that some subjects’ bodies resist the first shot, which is why I developed a booster. The booster is nothing more than radioactive adrenaline to move along the cellular reconstruction for the initial Troyiza shot. It’s perfectly safe of course.”

Dr. Troy administered the follow up shot into Bell’s IV.

“Mr. Bell, I’ve been meaning to ask what is the significance of the ‘ROCKEN’ tattooed across your arm here?”

“Kip and I are not only the best sniper team, but we are also best friends. He’s like my brother. On our very first mission together we had to go take out this maniacal doctor in the lower foothills of east Afghanistan. A Dr. Mustapho, Mustapha? Anyways, he was a bad apple. He had been torturing and killing captured soldiers, marines, even Afghani people. Our intel we received stated he had be supplying stolen blood supplies to aid in the recuperation o f some terrorist/extremist group that suffered injuries. We were given the go ahead to take this sicko out. Once we set up I said ‘Rocken’ and Kip said ‘Roll’. It’s become a tradition of ours. Kip has 'ROLL' tattooed on the same place as mine. Needless to say we freed our compatriots and the Afghani people captured. After going through something like that, it just gets etched into your brain.”

“Interesting. Well my lad today is a big day for you. All the test came back late in the evening and you are a perfect match for the Invulnerable Body Complex Procedure, as we previously discussed. I must remind you it is strictly voluntary and still experimental. Are you sure you still want to go through with it?” Dr. Troy asks Bobby.

“Yes sir, anything to give me an edge over the bad guys.”

Later in a sterile room with an observation deck, the IBCP headed by Dr. Troy and his team for Bobby Bell began. In the observation area Mr. Swift and new agents, Agent Patten and Agent Burland witnessed the procedure. Swift and Patten discussed missions and sports, while Kip looked on.

An hour into the procedure something went wrong.

Bells heart began beating rapidly, his skin began to spike and pierce from within. His bodily topography was changing. Dr. Troy, frantic, tried to stabilize Bell but the procedure had worked too quickly, the IBCP had begun to shut down Bells circulatory system, sending him into cardiac arrest, in which he died.

Kip distraught over hearing the news wished to view his dear departed friend. They were like brothers. He wept for his fallen friend.

A day later in a Baltimore mortuary, in a cold chamber, laid the body of Sergeant Robert Bell.

Darkness fell.

Then a bright blue light with the opening of Bell’s eyes and a long deep heave of oxygen.

A dark man stood over the gasping and mangled body of Sgt. Bell.

Bell faintly said, “Who.”

“I am your savior dear boy. I am here to give you a second chance at life, except in this life you will no longer be lied to. You shall hear the truth, and then you will decide their fate.”

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