The Reawakening-Updated 07-25-08

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The Reawakening-Updated 07-25-08

Post by A-dog » Tue Mar 11, 2008 10:50 am

alright, here goes, I actually wrote the begining of my "Crusaders revival" storyline...

a couple of things I want to point out:

-I tried to give all the characters a fresh start, I'm not an "expert" on these guys by any means but I just thought it was a waste that all these guys are sitting in limbo and not being used. I'm also picking a core group of characters and keying in on them in the begining so you won't get 20+ characters right off the bat.

-I wrote this the way I would write it for an actual comic book, trying to paint a picture in everyone "mind's eye" of what I see happening. I went page by page, 5 frames a page except for a couple of "splash pages".

some of it is totally different and some of it might have you wondering where things are going with the opening scene but it's all part of a big picture I want to create.

-I guess I should say that all the concepts and the storyline itself is "proprietary and confidential" but I don't know all that legal mumbo jumbo so let's just say I'll be pissed if anyone steals by ideas.

Here goes nuthin:

First frame-A shot of the Earth
Text: Such a Beautiful and tranquil planet…..for now.

Second frame-a shot of a very large office building in a city that looks very reminiscent of New York,

Third Frame-an elderly looking man, very well kept. Perhaps in his 70’s stands in a large office with all the amenities that one would expect to see in the office of someone of great wealth. A beautiful bar is on one side, with a large mirror behind it,. The old man is at the bar facing the mirror pouring himself a glass of wine, he looks very peaceful.

Fourth Frame-The office door opens and a young secretary walks in, she is hesitant but says:

“Mr. Hardy, there’s a Mr. Shazor here to see you, he says it’s urgent”

Fifth Frame-We see Mr. Hardies eyes get very wide, a look of surprise on his face.

Second page

First frame-Hardy’s eyes narrow

“Send him in and leave for the day, tell no one that Shazor is here”

Second Frame-Moments later…The door opens and a very large man stands in the doorway, blue suit, long red hair, blue eyes. Probably around 6 foot 5 in terms of height, he is very large and muscular.

“You seem surprised to see me hardy, why is that? You didn’t really think I’ve been dead this whole time….have you”

Hardy-one can hope, can’t he?

Third Frame-Hardy is taking off his tie, he is standing more upright, eyes are narrowing

Fourth Frame-Shazor has a rather wicked smile across his face

Shazor-I see you’ve done nothing since our last encounter, amazing what can happen to a man when he becomes complacent”

Fifth Frame-Hardy now has his tie and jacket off, his shirt is unbuttoned and he looks noticeably younger and more muscular, his face and body are becoming younger by the minute at this point

Hardy-I’m not a fool and I don’t have time for games, we both know what you are here for. There’s only one thing that could bring you here. I was powerful enough to defeat you before and I can do it again, you were never my equal…

Shazor-Never your equal? That is the past my friend, I’ve spent the last 50 years preparing for this battle while you allowed yourself to grow complacent and old, you’re nothing but a gnat to me now.

Third Page

First Frame-hardy now has his shirt off; he is wearing a pair of gauntlets with Jaguar markings on them

Shazor-If you thought I was dead why do you still wear the gauntlets?

Hardy-You can never be too careful

Second Frame-Shazor approaches, walking towards hardy, still with a wicked smile across his face, Hardy is now slightly crouched, facing him

Third Frame-Shazor delivers a backhand to Hardy, no text but you can tell that Shazor moved at almost super speed, hardy is sent across the room and through a window

Fourth Frame-Hardy is falling, no panic on his face but he is angry, his eyes are narrow, the frame shows him twisting his body so instead of falling on his back he is set to land on his feet when he eventually hits the ground.

Fifth Frame-Hardy lands in the middle of a fairly crowded sidewalk, crouched like a cat on the balls of his feet and one hand, the other hand is held at his side fingers look like claws at this point.

Fourth Page

First frame-hardy is standing now and tells the crowd to get out of here as fast as you can, the crowd is stunned some are already running away others stare in amazement but a small man is looking up and he yells:

Here comes another one!!!!!!!!!!!

Second Frame-we see the building from the small man’s perspective, another figure is falling but we can barely make it out

Third Frame-The falling figure is now closer, he’s coming down feet first, hands at his side a very sadistic smile on his face

Fourth Frame-Shazor is almost at street level; he turns slowly in mid air and touches down gingerly in the middle of the intersection. The crowd in the background is stunned

Shazor “the time has come old friend, you left me for dead years ago and now I get to return the favour”

Fifth Frame-We see Shazor from the front, behind him we see a semi truck coming up behind him, the look on the drivers face is one of total shock

Fifth Page

This is just a splash page, the truck has struck Shazor and he doesn’t even flinch, the driver is shown flying through the windshield the truck itself looks as if it is hitting a steel girder, deforming around Shazor’s body

Sixth page

First frame-Hardy jumps forward and catches the truck driver, touches the ground but springs away, Shazor has not moved at this point, indicating just how fast hardy just was.

Second Frame-hardy sets the man down, he’s cut from going through the glass but still conscious, Hardy tells him to leave as fast as he can, Hardy’s face is now one of worry but we notice that he is now young and he has some very “feral” features.

Third Frame-Shazor is approaching Hardy, still with the wicked smile on his face; Hardy is crouched down, ready to defend himself.

Shazor-you think your petty “jaguar powers” are anything to me now? You’re a fool. While you allowed yourself to become old I continued our quest and became a God!!!

Fourth Frame-Hardy now is in full “Jaguar Mode”, looks very reminiscent of the classic character but a bit more “animalistic” than he’s been previously shown, he is leaping towards Shazor ready to attack his face is focused and determined…Shazor seems a little stunned by this and for the first time we see the smile he’s had on his face change to a look of shock.

Fifth Frame-Shazor simply has reached out and caught The Jaguar by the throat

Shazor-“petty fool”

Sixth Page-

First frame-Shazor tosses Jaguar aside; jaguar is shown hitting the side of a bus leaving a huge imprint of where his body has struck

Second frame-Shazor is calmly walking towards a light post-this is view from above, slightly to one side so we can see jaguar and Shazor, Jaguar is still crumpled from the impact of hitting the bus.

Third Frame-Shazor is shown tearing the light post out of the ground with one hand, no strain on his face and the sadistic smile has returned.

Fourth Frame-Shazor takes an overhead swing at Jaguar and the light post goes through the bus like a knife through butter, Jaguar is shown leaping out of the way.

Fifth Frame-Close up on Jaguars face, he’s clearly concerned

Jaguar-his power is incredible, I’ll be lucky to survive this

Seventh Page-

First Frame-Jaguar leaps above Shazor, turning in mid air so he lands facing Shazors back, Shazor is still holding the light post, and we can see that this move took Shazor by surprise.

Second Frame-Jaguar delivers a kick right to the small of Shazor’s back, knocking him forward, he also looses his grip on the light post.

Third Frame-Jaguar, sensing that his enemy is hurt is approaching him, still crouched down, both hands up determined but slightly hesitant.

Fourth Frame-Shazor lashes out with a backhand, we see that it has connected with jaguar and has knocked him off his feet and backwards.

Fifth Frame-Jaguar has gone through a brick wall and is shown almost unconscious. He is on his back and looks to be in bad shape.

Eigth Page-

First Frame(Very large frame taking up most of the page)-view from inside the building Jaguar has smashed through we see the jaguar from that perspective, lying beaten in the rubble and we see the silhouette of Shazor, we can make out the whites of his eyes and his teeth-his mouth still has the wicked smile on it.

Shazor-I was going to kill you but now I see that you are no threat to me, it would take you years to acquire the powers that I have so I’ll allow you to live so you can witness my coronation. I will rule this pitiful world as I always should have. The world will tremble at my feet for I will be known as “THE EMPOROR”…….

Second Frame-The Emperor is shown flying away from the scene, stunned onlookers stare at him, and jaguar is still down for the count. Text in the frame will read “and so it begins….”

Ninth Page

First Frame-Another place, another time….

2 thugs are shown running from a liquor store, overhead shot

Second frame-They duck down an alley, still an overhead shot the alley is dark

Third frame-both have stopped running and are gloating about robbing the liquor store, just some generic speech going on like “that was to easy” and the other laughs.

Forth Frame-a hangman’s noose is around one of the thugs necks pulling him from behind into the shadows. He looks terrified.

Fifth Frame-the second thug is scared to death as he looks into the shadows you hear his friend scream “nooooooo….stop..get away”!!!!!

Tenth page

Another splash page-back of the second thugs head all we see coming from the shadows is a purple glove holding a noose, a boot is also coming out of the shadow and we see eyes

Text coming from the shadows-Sorry boy….it’s time to face “THE HANGMAN"

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Re: The Reawakening

Post by A-dog » Thu Mar 13, 2008 11:48 am

Here's a couple more pages I just did......slowly introducing some of the key players, I tried to make the dialogue "not so corny" and switched to 6 frames a page.

Page 11

Austin, Texas, 11:00 AM

Frame 1-A man stands behind the counter at a dimly lit bar, he’s wearing a cowboy hat, jeans and a red flannel shirt. He looks to be in his mid thirties; he has his back to the bar and is facing the various bottles on the back counter. The bar resembles an old time Saloon. In the front window you can see the name of the bar “The Double Down”.

Frame 2-A blond haired man enters the bar, wearing an overcoat and dark sunglasses, short hair, and slicked back. WE can see he’s wearing all black under the overcoat, a tight black sweater and black slacks; he also looks to be in his 30’s. He has 2 people behind him; one is dressed in army fatigues, brown hair in a crew cut. He is shorter and very stocky. He is much younger than the blond haired individual. The other is also young but he’s dressed as a normal 18 year old would be dressed, he has red hair, a little longer and does not carry himself as well as the other 2.

Frame 3-Side view of the man behind the bar, he is still looking down at the counter behind the bar, he looks very sombre and says:.

Bar’s closed, come back at noon when we open.

From behind him-You feeling lucky today Jack?

Man behind the counter-I haven’t been lucky in about 15 years….Rex.

From Behind-that’s all about to change old friend.

Frame 4-Jack still standing behind the bar, same position but is looking up at the ceiling

Jack-we were never “friends” Rex.

Rex-Regardless, we need your help. Come and sit down, let’s talk.

Frame 5-Slightly overhead view-jack jumps backwards easily clearing the bar, spinning in mid air and lands in Front of Rex facing him, about a foot away from him.
All jack says in this frame is “Fine” before he jumps

Frame 6-Rex and Jack are standing face to face; Rex didn’t flinch when Jack leapt towards him.

Rex-Jack, you’ve seen the news. What happened with The Jaguar is just the tip of the iceberg. Super Human activity is up all over the planet. We’ve been able to keep it under the radar for the most part. You have no idea what’s going on out there. The government is worried Jack. You can help us Jack, don’t you want to make up for..

Jack-Don’t bring that up Rex. I have no desire to drum up the past, everyone knows the story. Everyone

Red Haired Boy-What story? Who is this guy Rex? Why are we here?

Frame 6-Close up on Rex’s face

Why don’t you show him son?

Page 12

Frame 1-The boy holds up his hand and is looking at it.

Frame 2-Above his hand which is held out, palm up a small fireball appears, it’s about the size of a baseball, big smile on the kids face

Kid-It’s pretty cool ain’t it?

Frame 3-Shot of Rex and Jack’s face’s, Rex has a smile on his face and Jack looks a little shocked:

Rex-Yes it is Franklin, yes it is.

Jack-Y’know Swift I don’t know wether I should punch you or kiss you but you’ve got me for now.

Rex (Swift)-You still got your gear?

Jack-No, It wouldn’t fit me now anyway. You coulda saved a lot of time if you just showed me that right off the bat y’know.

Frame 4-Still Looking at each other,

Swift-So should I call the tabloids and tell them that Black Jack is back?

Jack-Don’t jump the gun Swift.

Frame 5-body Shot of the brown haired man, he’s standing by the door of the bar he’s remained motionless the entire time, hands behind his back ( in the “at ease” army stance). He’s completely emotionless

Frame 6-close up of his face with the following text:

Private Higgins, show Black Jack what you can do.

Higgins-yes sir Mr. Swift, sir.

Jack-Wait a sec....did you say Private "Higgins"

that's it for we've got Swift, Black Jack and a couple of others...I think everyone knows who Higgins is, and you probably have an idea who Franklin is...

more later.

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Re: The Reawakening-Updated 03-12-08

Post by A-dog » Fri Mar 14, 2008 4:37 am

2 more'll all make sense real soon. trust me.

Page 13

A suburb of Detroit, Michigan that same day:

Frame 1-A shot of School in a very “ritzy” neighbourhood, it’s a spring day, trees are all around, sun is shinning.

From Inside the School-Boys this doesn’t make any sense. You came to this school 3 months ago. You were honour students at a military academy now I can’t go more than a week without seeing you in my office.

Frame 2-Shot of a principal’s office, 2 blond twins are seated in the room. Both are about 14 with blond hair and blue eyes. Very Well kept. Oddly one has a small streak of white hair on the left side of his head the other has a streak on the right side.
The principal talking to the boys is a woman in her 40’s. She is standing up behind her desk.

Frame 3-Boy on the left stands up, his eyes narrow a bit

Principal-Robert, sit down. I’m not done and I don’t appreciate the dirty looks I’m getting from you, I’m calling your par……

Frame 4-Taken from the principals perspective, the room and everything in it is fuzzy, she’s seeing stars. Basically the room looks like it would if she were about to pass out.

Principal-Wh-what’s happening…

Robert-Why don’t you sit down ma’am?

Frame 5-Principal is sitting down, sweating; both boys are now sitting down.

Principal-I’m sorry boys; I don’t know what just happened. I was saying..

Frame 6-Boy on the right stands up, now his eyes narrow

Page 14

Frame 1-The women is looking up at the boy, mouth slightly open, she has a look of concern on her face.

Boy on the right-No, you’re not going to do anything unless we tell you to do it.

Frame 2-Principal has both of her hands on her knees, she is pushed away from her desk, the boy on the right has now come around and placed his hand on her shoulder.

Boy-You don’t feel really well right now do you?

Women-what are you doing to me?

Frame 3-Close up of boys face, he looks sadistic

We’re doing whatever we want from now on and there’s nothing you can do about it unless you want to spend the rest of your life just like the last 5 minutes. See from now on we call the shots around here and there’s nothing you or anyone else can do about it. Understand?

Frame 4-Principal is still seated with her hands on her knees; she is looking up at the boy.

Yes, I understand. Now whatever you’re doing to me….just stop…PLEASE.

Frame 5-The boy is still standing by her but he no longer has his hand on her shoulder, she’s still looking up at him but looks relieved.

Boy-there, is that better?

Principal-y-yes. You boys can go now.

Boy-oh, and just so you don’t forget

Frame 6-Teacher is doubled over in her chair and is vomiting. The boy is laughing hysterically at her.

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Re: The Reawakening-Updated 03-14-08

Post by A-dog » Fri Mar 14, 2008 9:11 am

Here's a couple more. You'll notice alot of "wierd" things are happening almost all at once and pay attention to the dialogue between the 2 characters in this scene:

Page 15

-Miami, Florida

Frame 1-A very large blond man is leaning against a wall in a waiting room at what looks like a doctor’s office. The man is tall and extremely well built. He has one hand wrapped up like it is injured and has a very pained look on his face. The rest of the office is empty, just a standard waiting room.

Frame 2-Nures comes into the room

“The doctor will see you now”

Frame 3-the man walks away from the wall he was leaning against and we see that the wall and the floor where he was standing are slightly deformed, like something very, very heavy was being pushed into them.

Frame 4-The nurse and the blond man are walking down a hallway, various empty rooms are on each side. The faculty seems to be deserted for the most part.

Nurse-What happened to your hand John? Doctor Whitney called ahead and said you had some problems and to let you in but he didn’t say what was wrong. Are you in pain?

John-I…..I don’t want to talk about it, I’d rather wait until Dr. Whitney is in and speak with him.

Frame 5-The nurse looks back at John and seems a little confused.

Nurse-Ok, suit yourself but if you’ve broken your hand we do have pain medication that can help, you look very uncomfortable and the wrapping on your hand doesn’t have any blood on it so..

John-Just go ok. I don’t want to talk about it.

Frame 6-A doctor enters the room. He is older, probably in his 40’s, dark hair but greying around the temples. He wears glasses and looks like a very distinguished man.

Doctor-John, what’s wrong you didn’t sound good on the phone.

John-Doc, I don’t know what you guys did to me but look at my blasted hand.

Page 16

Frame 1-Doctor has a very shocked look on his face as he looks at John’s hand. It looks like he dipped it in a can of paint but instead of it being red or white it’s almost metallic in color, it shines like polished steel.

John-This started 3 days ago, I haven’t been to sleep since it started Doc. It’s happening on my leg too. I don’t know what the Hell you guys did to me when I was a kid but that’s gotta be the reason this is happening. You’ve gotta stop it Doc.

Frame 2-The Doctor has taken off his glasses and is looking down at the floor, he looks very worried

Doc-John, there is no proof that we caused this. We both know that the treatment didn’t really have any effect on you, that’s why you were dismissed from the program.

John-No, we don’t know that, I’m bigger, stronger and faster than anyone I know. You kept me in the program with the treatments longer than most of the other kids so you had to see something or else you would have let me go.

Doc-Calm down John. We’ve been over this with you before. You did show an initial reaction but the effects subsided so you were dismissed..

Frame 3-John is now pointing at the Dr; he is very, very angry at this point. The doctor is still very worried.

John-Fine. If you’re not going to help me maybe I’ll let the whole world know just what happened with

Doctor-No! I’ll help you John. I just need your word that you’ll come with me and not ever breath a word about the project.

Frame 4-John looks down at his hand, a very worried and horrified look is on his face

John-I’ll go if you can help me. I don’t want to be a freak Doc. I want to just be plain old John Sterling.

Frame 5-the Doctor puts his hand on Johns shoulder, a warm smile is on his face

Doc-John, I’ll do everything I can. There’s a helicopter outside waiting to take us to a place that’s better equipped to help you.

John-A helicopter? Why is a helicopter waiting for us before you even got a chance to talk to me? That doesn’t make any sense.

Frame 6- The Doctor is standing in the to the side of the open door, we see a couple of military police outside waiting.

Doctor- John, We know you better than you know yourself. When you call me out of the blue that you have an emergency and you sound scared out of your head we take certain precations.

John-I’ll go. I don’t like it but I’ll go. I just don’t want to be a freak

Doctor-We don’t either John. We don’t either. Now lets get started..

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Re: The Reawakening-Updated 03-14-08

Post by A-dog » Thu Mar 20, 2008 7:58 am

two more pages....more next week I hope, I'm really busy at

Page 17

First Frame-Top of the hospital, the Dr. Whitney, John and the 2 military police officers are walking towards a helicopter, the engine for the helicopter is not running. We notice a boy sitting Indian style outside of the helicopter, one elbow is on his knee with his hand supporting his chin the other is hanging over the other knee. The boy is dressed in a red and white stripped baggy short sleeved shirt and is wearing jean shorts. He has brown hair, not too long but not a crew cut either. The one peculiar thing about the boy is that even though he is in this position he is floating probably about 5 feet in the air.

Second Frame-John has stopped as is looking at the floating boy with a slightly confused look on his face.

John- Roy? What in blazes are you doing here and how are you floating?

Doc- Roy, Dammit. I told you to wait in the helicopter until we were done.

Third Frame-John is now visibly upset. Small blotches of the metal substance that was on John’s arm are now appearing on his face.

John-Doc, I’m not taking another step until you tell me exactly what is going on here.

Fourth Frame-The doctor is holding his arms out, very concerned look on his face.

Doc-John, you have to trust me. We can help you but you have to come with me.

Fifth Frame-John is now 90% covered in the metallic substance that covered his hand, his hands are now fists and he has the look of someone who is extremely agitated with the situation he’s been presented with. The 2 military police officers have moved in so they are right behind john.

Sixth Frame-each officer grabs one of john’s arms. One says ‘calm down son, we’re here to help you”

Page 18

1st Frame-John flails his arms to escape the officers but in doing so has thrown them about 20 feet away from him. John’s only response is “No”!!! As he shrugs the officers off of him.

2nd Frame-John looks down at his arms and hands and realizes that he’s now almost entirely covered in metal and is horrified.

3rd through 5th Frames-Out of nowhere a second boy wearing a purple loose fitting shirt and blue jeans attacks john and literally beats the hell out of him. The boy shows no mercy and his attacks are devastating. The doctor and Roy are trying to get the 2nd boy to calm down saying “Dusty, enough” and “Dusty, Stop”

6th Frame-Dusty is standing over the now unconscious John Sterling, looking down almost in disgust. John’s body is still metallic but not as bad as it was earlier.

Dusty-Y’know it’s wimps like this guy and Higgins that are gonna destroy this program. You guys really know how to pic em doc. I tore that guy up without even trying. You better hope your boy Higgins doesn’t get out of line.

Doc-Dusty….enough already. Control yourself. You and Roy get John in the helicopter and I’ll go check on the guards.

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Re: The Reawakening-Updated 03-26-08

Post by A-dog » Wed Mar 26, 2008 5:20 pm

Page 19-Back with Swift and Blackjack

Frame 1-Blackjack, Agent Swift, Higgins and Franklin are flying in what appears to be a very advanced plane. Blackjack and Swift are in the front 2 seats, Swift is flying the plane; Franklin and Higgins are in the back. Higgins sits very much at attention while Franklin is looks bored out of his mind.

Blackjack-I don’t get it Rex. I don’t hear from you guys in the last 12 years and all of a sudden you show up at my bar with these 2 saying you need my help. What do you need me for? Why do you need Blackjack? After everything that went down….what good am I?

Swift-Jack, you are the key to us making this work.

Jack-There were other hero’s left after the incident: The Jaguar, Hercules, Mr. Justice, The Wizard. Hell, even Zambini was still active back then.

Swift-None of them were Crusaders jack. You’re the key. You’re going to help us tie the old to the new. The public will see Blackjack, the last of the Crusaders and it will help them accept the younger guys we’ve assembled.

Frame 2-Close up on Jack’s face; he looks shocked.

Jack-After everything that happened do you think the public will accept anything from “blackjack”? The public turned their backs on me, Hell, you guys didn’t really help me out back then.

Frame 3-Side view of Swift’s face, he’s still got on his sunglasses, and is looking ahead.

Swift-Jack, the public needed someone to blame after everything happened. With their focus on you it took their minds off of the fact that The Crusaders were gone. We could have handled it different but we didn’t. I’m sorry for that.

Frame 4-Shot of Blackjack’s face he looks shocked.

Jack-So these kids are gonna be the new Crusaders? They can’t be more than 18 years old. What about getting Wizard and Herc on board? Have you guys spoken to Jaguar yet? What the heck was that fight about and who was that guy?

Frame 5-Another shot of Swift

Swift-We spoke with Hercules. He has no interest in playing hero right now. He says he’ll think about it but for the most part he chooses to live among man and not serve as their protector. Blain is working for us but I doubt you’ll be seeing The Wizard anytime soon. No one has seen Zambini or Mr. Justice for years now.

Frame 6-Picture of an old cemetery; it’s dark and rainy like something out of an old Dracula or zombie movie.

Jack’s voice over the scene-Y’know Swift, I might know where we can find Mr. Justice.

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Re: The Reawakening-Updated 03-26-08

Post by A-dog » Sat Mar 29, 2008 4:45 pm

another page, I'm still working on the "cheesey" dialogue.

Page 20

Panel 1-Swift looks stunned replying with “how do you know…” and is interrupted by a voice from the instrument panel. The voice is odd; it sounds like a young man but has a very computerized sound to it.

Voice from the council- Agent Swift, I wanted to give you a quick progress report. Blain Whitney, Roy Rossman and Dusty Simmons have just reported in and they have John Sterling on a plane and are bringing them back to headquarters. A hospital in the Chicago area is reporting another incident involving 2 young men and this Hangman character that we’ve been monitoring. I see that you have Jack Jones with you; I’ll inform the staff that he is returning. Is there anything else I can do for you?

Jack-Wait a sec…what do you mean “you see that I’m here” are there camera’s in this thing?

Agent Swift-Jack, I’ll explain everything soon enough. For now we need to make a short detour. John, please take over the controls and redirect us to Chicago. Inform the hospital that we’re coming and we would like to speak with the 2 boys involved in the hangman incident.

Voice from council-Yes sir. Please let me know if any further assistance is needed.

Panel 2-Agent Swift spins his seat and is now facing jack.

Agent Swift-There’s a lot of things I can’t tell you right now, at least not yet. It’s best if we wait until we get to HQ to talk about this.

Jack-Fine. I’m getting to like this less and less but you have me for now. Where is this “HQ” anyway?

Swift-Why Crusaders HQ, where else?

Jack-What?!? You’re using the old crusaders headquarters for your little games?

Swift-Not the old crusaders headquarters, the new Crusaders headquarters.

Panel 3-Blackjack is now looking very agitated with the entire situation.

Jack-Swift, this better be damn good.

Panel 4-Shot of Franklin and Private Higgins, Richard has a sly smile on his face and for the first time we see a little bit of emotion from Higgins who also has a little smile on his face.

Franklin-trust me old man, it’s damn good.

Panel 5-Jack is still agitated, his eyes have narrowed a little.

Jack-I ain't that old kid. Call me an old man again and we’ll find out exactly how good those little fireballs are with my foot up your but.

the voice coming from the council again (the voice is coming from behind jack who is facing Richard)-Excuse me Mr. Jones, is there anything I can do for you to ease your mind.

Panel 6-Jack spins around and is stunned, the voice is not coming from the council but from a man, probably 6 inches in height. He has no real defining bodily features; he is made of what looks like green energy. It almost looks like he is being projected from the instrument panel of the plane.

Swift-Blackjack, I’d like you to meet John Raymond jr. we usually just refer to him as The Web.

Blackjack- is he a computer program?

The Web-It’s more complicated than that. I’m as alive as you are, I just don’t have a physical body anymore. My mind and soul reside in the Internet. This is the closest I can get to a physical form. My size can vary, anywhere from almost microscopic to normal human size. I can show you more once you get to HQ, right now we are set to land near Chicago. It’s best that we continue this conversation later, after we find out exactly what happened with this Hangman character.

*this one was a little rushed but I figured what the hell.....

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Re: The Reawakening-Updated 03-29-08

Post by A-dog » Thu Apr 03, 2008 7:11 am

Page 21

Frame 1-Jack, Swift, Franklin and Higgins are walking down the hall of a hospital. We notice that Swift has a rather large “watch” on his right arm. The hallway is empty due to the fact that the 2 boys that were involved in the “hangman incident” have criminal records.

Swift who is holding the “watch” up to his mouth-Web, what can you tell me about the 2 boys we are about to speak to?

Web’s voice (coming from the “watch”) Police and hospital records show that both boys were severely beaten. The older of the 2 boys is in intensive care. He suffered a very severe beating and is going in and out of consciousness. He has trauma to his throat which is making it difficult to communicate with him.

Swift-What type of trauma?

Web-What we usually see with Hangman incidents: he has a rope burn around the front of his neck and his voice box has suffered trauma. The 2nd boy Nathan Cambell was a lot luckier. Hangman was not as violent with him as he has been in the past perhaps because of his age he is only 17. Nathans report shows that he suffered a broken arm and a 5 cracked ribs. He also shows some bruising to the facial area but not nearly as bad as we have seen in the past.

Frame 2-the group is still walking down the hall, we notice that 2 police officers are guarding the hallway ahead of the group.

Jack-So what’s the deal with this “hangman”? Sounds like you’ve been tracking him for a little while. What do you know?

Swift- Not much. He doesn’t fit the M.O. of what we usually deal with. His “appearances” are very sporadic and inconsistent. One attack will occurs in Chicago then a few days later we’ll get a report of an attack in Dallas. What we do know is that his attacks are fast and efficient.

Jack-When you say “attacks” what do you mean?

Swift-Let’s just say that the cops are just as scared of him as the criminals he takes out are.

Frame 3-the group is in a dimly lit room. A boy sits across from them in a wheelchair, he is exactly as the Web described him: in very rough shape.

Swift-So can you tell me what happened Nathan?

Nathan-We robbed a liquor store, no one was hurt. We only got a few bucks out of it. We didn’t do it to hurt anyone just for fun y’know? We ducked down an alley and then it all started.

Frame 4-Shot of Nathans face, he looks pretty rough and is obviously uncomfortable talking about this.

Nathan-He came out of nowhere…out of the shadows. He pulled John in and I could hear him beating the Hell out of him, I was scared to death man. Then he came after me and….

Frame 5-Shot of Swift’s face, he is totally unfazed by the boys story. He is still cool as a cucumber. We can also see a look of confusion on Jack’s face from the following questions.

Swift-How old was he?

Nathan-I don’t know man, I didn’t see his face.

Swift-while you were struggling with him did this man did he do anything you would consider super human?


Frame 6 –Swift has moved next to a hospital bed and has placed his right hand on the metal railing on the side of the bed. The shot is from Nathan’s perspective just of Swift standing with his hand on the railing.

Swift-You know Nathan, did he do anything out of the ordinary, Did he have super strength? Speed?

Nathan- n-n-no. I don’t think so why would you ask me that?

Swift-Because we need to know that’s why. Now listen Nathan, if anyone asks this conversation never took place. You never saw us before. I can make your life very hard if people find out we had this talk.

Page 22

This page will only have 4 panels the main panel will be of the hospital bed where Swift had his hand on the metal railing. Swift has removed his hand and the metal is now deformed like Swift crushed it in the area where his hand was. Another frame will show the reactions of Blackjack, Franklin and Higgins. Higgins shows no emotion, Franklin has that odd smile on his face and his eyes have flames around them. Blackjack is stunned. The third frame will show Nathans face and he is scared out of his mind now.

Frame 4-The original group is back in the hallway, now they are leaving the hospital.

Blackjack-Swift, you better have some good explanations when we get to this headquarters. How’d you do that back there? You could never do anything like that before. The more I see the less and less I like this whole situation.

Swift- Calm down. Everything will make sense very soon. Once you hear what’s going on if you want to leave you can leave. There have been things happening in this country that need to be dealt with. After everything that’s happened with you in the past you need to understand that the situation is desperate otherwise we would have never come to you. Besides at this point you couldn’t leave even if you wanted to. Even with all the luck in the world you’d never get away from the 3 of us so let’s make this easy, you come with us and listen to what we have to say and then if you don’t like it you can leave. Deal?

Blackjack-Fine. Just so you know if everything isn’t on the up and up I’ll take you down, I don’t care who you work for and I don’t care who you work for.

Swift- O.K. then, once we get to HQ we’ll brief you on what’s going on. Blain will be there, you know if the Wizard is involved everything is on the up and up right?

Blackjack-People change Rex. Let’s just say after what I just saw you do in there all bets are off.

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Re: The Reawakening-Updated 04-03-08

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Page 23

Later that evening

Panel 1- we see a very dark mansion. A large stone fence surrounds it. There is a large rod iron gate blocking the drive way. 2 men guard the entrance. It looks as if the place is not kept up well as the grass inside the fenced in area is very long and a few trees are dead. We can see that only one room in the mansion is lit, otherwise it is a very dark looking place.

Panel 2-We see the inside of the room which is lit but still very dim, everything in the room is thrown about: chairs, books, a book case is tipped over and various items are thrown about A man stands in the middle of the room and looks very tattered, he wears no shirt or shoes. His hair is a mess; he is unshaven and has circles around his eyes. He looks like he has not slept in days. We notice that he is holding something in his left hand but we cannot make out exactly what it is. He is mumbling to himself in a very non-sensical way. There really seems to be no rhyme or reason to what he is saying. Things like “I’m in control not you” and “don’t say that” but he’s the only person in the room.

Panel 3-We have a view from outside of the window to the room the man is standing in, there is a tree outside: a very large tree and we can see that a figure is in the tree looking into the window. All we can see is the silhouette of the man looking into the window; he is crouched down on a branch and is spying on the person in the room.

Panel 4-The man in the tree has jumped through the window and we can make out what he looks like. He is not a large man but is dressed all in red; the outfit he’s wearing is very reminiscent of a ninja’s attire. He wears a mask but it is not a traditional ninja mask, it has only 2 slits for his eyes and 2 dog ear like shapes on the side of the mask. We can see that he holds a katana sword in his right hand and has thrown 2 Chinese throwing stars at the man in the room with his left. The only words he says as he comes through the window are “give me what is mine”

Panel 5-We see the man in the room his reaction is minimal, all he does is hold out his right arm and allow the throwing stars to strike his forearm, he makes no attempt to dodge the attack and has no reaction to the 2 stars that are now embedded in his arm.

Man-The hood is mine. Leave now or I will be forced to unleash it’s full power on you.

Panel 6-The red clad man stands, katana still in hand. He is slightly crouched down and is ready to attack.

Red Ninja-You’re grandfather stole the hood from my family years ago. It is rightfully mine. Return it or I will be forced to end your life

Page 24

Panel 1-The man in the room holds up the object he was holding in his left hand, we can see that it is a black executioners mask, it almost has a glow to it and we can see that the man’s eyes are now very wide and he has an odd look of wonderment on his face, his hair looks as if it is being blown back by the sheer force of the hood.

Man-Yes! The power!!

Panel 2-From the shadows we can see a third figure in the room, again he is in silhouetted form. He has both arms outstretched one towards the man with the hood and one towards the red ninja

Shadowy figure-NO! This ends now.

Panel 3-A blast comes from the shadowy figures hand and hits the man with the hood, knocking him into a wall, he still clutches the hood with his left hand but it no longer has the glow to it.

Panel 4-Now the shadowy figure has turned his attention to the ninja, one arm is still outstretched

Shadowy figure-I cannot allow you to have the hood Fox. Thomas has entrusted us in helping him in his journey to turn the hood into an instrument of justice and in order to balance the scales he must be allowed to finish. Chaos is running wild in this reality and each day the hood grows stronger and stronger, unless Thomas can finish his quest all hope will be lost.

Fox-Be gone spirit, the hood is mine. I know how to control it. I am the rightful owner and only I can contain the madness and power it possess.

Panel 5-With that the Fox lungs towards the shadowy figure, sword held overhead as if he is ready to slice through his opponent.

Panel 6-The shadowy figure emits another powerful blast from his outstretched arm and blasts the Fox through the window, the blast is so powerful that it hurls the fox out of the room, through the tree he was perched upon and over the wall that surrounds the mansion and finally slams him on a grassy area. His costume is singed where the bolt has struck him.

Page 25

Panel 1-The Fox has removed his mask and we see that he is Asian , he says nothing but he looks more aggravated than hurt.

Panel 2-back to the room, the shadowy figure is speaking to Thomas who is still on the ground clutching the hood, he is conscious but does not move.

Shadowy figure-Thomas, chaos is running wild. We must begin our journey soon. I can accompany you at times but not all the time. The chaos in this reality threatens to overwhelm me in this form. I know of a human who can lead you along the way and summon me if I am needed but you must be mindful of the hood and it’s power as it will try to overwhelm you .

Panel 3-Thomas still lies on the floor; his eyes are somewhat glasses over

Thomas-I’ll……I’ll try. We need to start this soon. The Hood calls to me more and more each day. I can feel it’s power growing and I can tell it’s trying to control me.

Panel 4-the shadowy figure holds both his arms out to his side

Shadowy figure-then we must begin now.

Panel 5-the entire room lights up Thomas must shield his eyes but we really can’t make out what the shadowy figure is doing.

Panel 6-A man stands in front of Thomas, he is older and is dressed in a black suit, he is bald but has a white goatee. He has a walking stick in one hand and the other hand is outstretched towards Thomas, he has a very calm look about him.

Man-It’s past time we got started Thomas. On your feet, get your things and lets begin your training.

Thomas-I…I can’t feel the hood anymore.

Man-that will not last. The hood is too powerful for me to control for long periods of time. I can contain it for now but we must hurry.

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Re: The Reawakening-Updated 04-03-08

Post by A-dog » Fri Apr 04, 2008 9:37 am

here's how I would end the first issue, I didn't spend time laying it out but it would go like this:

Blackjack, Agent Swift, Private Higgins and Franklin are in a conference room, it is a very large conference room with a large video screen on 1 wall. All but Swift are seated facing the video screen swift stands. The Web also stands near the back of the room, he is larger than before: probably around 6 feet tall, still with the green electric look to him but his features are easier to make out when he’s this height. You can actually see his facial features, his eyes glow yellow.

Swift-Jack, it’s important that we start from the beginning with this so you can understand exactly what is going on.

A video begins playing and the lights dim. The first thing we see is a map of the United States. We see some red dots sporadically placed on the map, only about 10 and there is no rhyme or reason to their placement.

Swift-This is the U.S. as it appeared 2 years ago. The red dots indicate a report of a person displaying what we usually refer to as “super-human” activity. We know that at this time there were still some super humans in the United States so considering that and the number of these reports that proved to be false there was nothing for the government to be overly concerned

The screen changes, now it shows the same map but there are literally hundreds of red dots on the map.

Swift-This is reported super human activity today. It’s important to note that 99% of these reports indicate that the individual displaying these powers are usually between the ages of 13-18 years old.

Blackjack- My God. (Blackjack is stunned by this information.). What in blazes is happening? What caused this?

Agent Swift-YOU caused this.

Pic of Blackjack’s face, he’s even more shocked than before.

and that's how I would end the first issue, I've still got alot of things that I want to commit to paper so this thread should be alive and well for a little while.

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Re: The Reawakening-Updated 04-04-08

Post by A-dog » Mon Apr 07, 2008 12:40 pm

The conference room is the same as before but now the energy in the room is only surpassed by the tension that’s now taken over the room. Swift stands. He seems unmoved by the chaos. Blackjack stands, his chair fallen over behind him, he is about 3 feet away from swift, he is pointing with his left hand at Swift and is very angry. Higgins is also standing, emotionless as always, Franklin is getting up from his seat, and we notice that his eyes are now glowing red. The Web is shocked by what he sees and by what he has heard.

Blackjack-What? How could you possibly blame me for something like this?

Swift-Because Blackjack, you were the one who let the Crusaders down, you were the one who

With that Blackjack snaps and quickly comes across with a right hand directly aimed at Swifts mouth but before he can connect with that Higgins moves at what must be considered super human speed and positions himself in front of Swift, he catches Blackjacks hand and uses it to throw him to the side.

Franklin let’s out a loud “yeah, how do you like that old man”?

What Blackjack does next would rival any Olympic gymnast, he twists and repositions himself so he lands on his feet, crouches down and leaps towards Franklin delivering a crushing blow right to Franklin’s jaw easily knocking him unconscious.

Blackjack then turns to face Agent Swift and Higgins, Higgins is still standing between Swift and Blackjack, no emotion showing arms at his side.

Enough!! Everyone calm down.

Everyone turns to see Blain Whitney has entered the room with Roy floating a few feet behind him.
“Jack, please calm down. Rex, what in blazes is wrong with you? Roy, go over and check on Franklin. Let me know if he’s ok.”

Blackjack lets his guard down but only a little. “Blain, out of respect for you I’ll stand down but I want some answers.

“That’s fair enough Jack. Roy, how is Franklin”

Roy looks up, his voice is heard but his lips don’t move “He’s fine, just a little dazed. I’ll take him to the infirmary and have him checked out” and with that Franklin’s body floats up to around Roy’s shoulder level and both boys “float” out of the room.

Blain in a very calm voice “everyone needs to sit down.” With that blackjack slowly picks his chair up and sits down he never takes his eyes off of Swift and Higgins who are motionless. “Rex, you and Joseph need no stand down, what you are doing is not helping the matter. We need everyone to be calm so we can let Jack know exactly what is going on.” With that Rex sits down and says “It’s ok Higgins, stand down.” And Higgins makes his way over to his seat.

Web please run the original presentation, Rex let me narrate this please.

Swift is not happy with this but he remains seated and silent.

“In the beginning life was good for the Crusaders. The ultimate American iconic symbol The Shield, The Fly, Bob Phantom, Captain Commando and Captain Flag. They represented everything that was right about being a hero. Of course there were villains but nothing The Crusaders couldn’t handle.

What the public didn’t know was that the government used the crusaders as they saw fit. Crusaders shoes, clothes, action figures: you name it the government was involved. The Crusaders were a cash cow for the government. Now everyone in this room knows that every single member of the crusaders was a hero through and through and while they didn’t agree with being marketed they saw that the ends justified the means. The team wasn’t just used to make money they constantly preached the value system that the government wanted them to preach. They were national treasures. (all the while footage is being shown of The Crusaders smiling, talking to children, posing for photos.)

Then you came along Blackjack. (Blackjack looks pained at this point.)

You were the ultimate hot shot superhero. Good looking, energetic, ready to take the world on and smile while you were doing it. (Shots of Blackjack when he was younger in costume, smiling for the camera’s)

For some reason The Crusaders took you in and made you a member. The Shield in particular took you under his wing. You were young and could do no wrong in his eyes. ( A shot of The classic shield with his arm around a young Blackjack).

As the newest Crusader you had the world by the tail and you didn’t shy away from the exposure. (various magazines with shots of Blackjack on the cover with captions like “America’s hottest super hero” and “sexiest man of the year: Blackjack!!!”

Blackjack now has his head down; clearly ashamed by what he is seeing.

Soon the world was yours. You did something no other super hero ever did. You became a movie star and to everyone’s surprise even The Shield stood behind you and endorsed your decision to do this. The press began referring to you as “the luckiest man alive”. The Shield said that there really was no threat the rest of the Crusaders couldn’t handle and it was your choice, he stood behind you 100%.

So off to Paris you went to shoot an action scene and then the unthinkable happened. Villains from the past rallied together for a concentrated assault on a small nuclear facility in Ohio. Their attack was fast and effective. The Crusaders went into action without you, the government wanted to wait and call in reserve members like myself and Hercules but for whatever reason the team went in. What happened after that is anyone’s guess. In a flash they were gone. From what we can tell they weren’t dead. There was no explosion. There were no bodies found. It was almost like they never existed. Hero’s, Villains…it didn’t matter, everyone was gone.

Now Jack, you know it probably wouldn’t have made a difference if you were there or not. Everyone here knows that but because you weren’t there the public turned on you. Their hero’s were gone and you were the one they pointed their fingers at you. Maybe it was guilt or grief, no one knows for sure but you agreed to take the fall for the government, everyone could redirect their anger and angst at you and maybe it would take their mind off of their hero’s being gone. (lots of magazine’s are shown with pictures of Blackjack and titles like “worst hero ever” and “should he be put on trial”)

Blackjack-Blain, what does this have to do with what’s going on now? Why do you keep rehashing this?

Blain-Well, I’m getting to that. The fall out from the hero’s and villains disappearing wasn’t all bad. Yes our hero’s were gone but there were still some. We did some good for awhile but the activity of “super villains” just seemed to end after the incident. Soon most of the hero’s just retired, we weren’t needed anymore so the world said goodbye to Blackjack, The Wizard, The Jaguar, Hercules and the rest.

Now this is where things get interesting. You see the Shield was originally created in an experiment to bio engineer the perfect human being. Someone in the government got to thinking and decided that if it worked once it can work again but this time we can do it better. A group of 5 young children with DNA that was relatively close to the original Shields were gathered and given an injection of a formula that was nearly identical to the formula that gave us the first Shield. Out of the 5 Joe Higgins was the only one that had a reaction, initially. In fact his reaction was better than anything we could have expected. Not only was he stronger than a normal boy of his age but he developed incredible speed, near invulnerability and the ability to fly. The other children showed no initial rection.

Blackjack-Why Children Blain?

The people in charge of the program figured that they had some time before the world needed a new Shield and wanted to take that time making the perfect version of him. We could take a child at a young age and train him to be everything the shield could be, he would be the perfect symbol for America.

Blackjack-What would you have done in the meantime if something came up?

Swift-that’s were I came into the scene. I never liked The Crusaders, I thought they were unnecessary but when I saw what they meant to the world I volunteered to be given a modified version of the original Shield formula. If needed I could step in and act as The Shield.

Blackjack glares at Swift in disgust.

Blackjack-so how did this outbreak happen?

Well with such a limited success rate it was decided that a larger pool was needed. 10 Children were used for the next round, Franklin and a child named John Sterling showed promise. Franklin’s power manifested themselves differently. Instead of strength or speed he was able to generate heat and fire. John’s reaction was more of what we expected but his powers faded rather quickly. So another round was given the injection and no success was seen.

Somewhere along the way the decision was made to add a small dose to children’s immunization shots. This was done without doctors knowing about it but they were told to report anything “out of the ordinary.”

Nothing was reported. Along the way we saw some of our original test subjects develop powers and abilities but they were very inconsistent. Roy, the boy that came in the room with me developed no physical powers but his mental capacity is startling. Telekinesis and telepathy are only some of the things he can do. The immunizations were supposed to be very controlled. Small towns and sparsely populated areas were what was supposed to be tested.

Well it went terribly wrong and the formula was given to almost every child in the United States for what we figure was 3 years. None of the children showed an initial reaction.

Blackjack-Then how…

The one thing we didn’t count on. A young child’s chemical make up is different than adults. This change in body chemistry…if it is just right can cause the formula to trigger super human abilities. So what we have here is potentially thousands of children developing powers as they reach puberty. No child has ever died because of this but it can cause a startling change in the child’s personality. So what we have here is hundreds of children potentially with super powers, who may or may not be mentally unstable running round the country.

Blackjack-My God…..the government did this?

Blain-yes…we did. We have taken some of our earliest success stories and we have worked with them. Higgins, Franklin, Roy…all are trained and ready to help.

From behind Blain-What about me Doc?

Dusty stands in the doorway. We get a better look at him now. He’s not a very large person, probably around 5’5 with a very athletic build to him. Hair is brown and not very long. He is well kept but has a very “wild” look.

Dusty-Y’know doc, you hurt my feelings when you ignore what I can bring to the team. You let this dead fish Higgins in but not me? C’mon, anything he can do I can do better.

Blackjack-who’s this kid Ethel Merman?

In a flash, just as fast as Higgins was before Dusty goes from the door way to being right in front of him. “You’re out of your league with me buddy. Luck won’t save you and don’t even think your gonna get a lucky shot on me like you did with franky.”

Swift-Dusty, who do you think you are disrupting our meeting. This is exactly why you’re not allowed in the field.

Dusty turns and again in a flash he’s in front of Swift, his speed is incredible. In an instant Higgins is behind Swift. He seems angry for the first time. Higgins seems to be very protective of Agent Swift and for the first time he speaks out of turn “Don’t do it Dusty. Don’t make me hurt you again.”

Dusty-Lucky shot Joe, it was a lucky shot. It won’t happen again.

And with that Dusty's eyes open very wide and his mouth falls open, he lets out a slight groan and we see that Roy has reappeared in the room. “Calm down buddy.” Is all he says but again his lips don’t move. C’mon, let’s go for a walk.

Dusty-Yeah…that…sounds…like a good idea Roy.

Dusty turns and walks out with the ever floating Roy at his side.

***that's it for now, more later this week*****


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Re: The Reawakening-Updated 04-07-08 (Backstory is now posted!!)

Post by A-dog » Fri Apr 11, 2008 6:23 pm

coming soon:

just what is dusty's problem?

more chaos!!!!!

what do you do when you have more fly's than you need?

and.....the final fate of Hercules?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

oh, yeah and where the heck has the comet been? Or the Jaguar for that matter.

stay tuned.....same crusaders time, same crusaders thread.

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Re: The Reawakening-Updated 04-22-08

Post by A-dog » Tue Apr 22, 2008 11:47 am

sorry.....been really busy...

“What the hell was that all about” is the only thing Blackjack can say once Dusty and Roy have left the room.

“Dusty is an example of everything that is good and everything that is bad with our program” Swift answers. “Dusty is potentially more powerful than anyone in this room but Dusty lost the ability to control his rage when his powers manifested themselves. He’s like a pit bull when he gets angry and is very confrontational. He’s still young and we hope that we can work with him and help him become the hero we believe he is capable of being.”

Blackjack replies with “so what’s the plan here? Are we going to investigate all of these sightings?”

The Wizard answers “No, not everyone only the ones…” and just then an announcement comes over a PA system requesting Dr. Whitney’s return to the medical lab. The announcement stresses that this is an emergency!!!

Cut to the 2nd part of the issue:

To be a God

We see a small, old beat up town and in that town is a small bar. On the inside it is dark and gloomy. An older lady is behind the bar “Hey Henry, can you help this guy outside”? as we see a very drunk older man seated in the corner. Everyone stops and looks over to see a man that doesn’t really fit in with the others. Very large and muscular: he has long, flowing blond hair and a well kept short beard. He is the kind of guy you would expect to see working out at muscle beach in Venice California not working as a bouncer in a dive like this.

“Yes, Mary. I’ll help him outside” and the blond man walks over and helps the drunk fellow outside, he is not rude or judgemental but seems very caring. Once outside and sure that the drunken man is in a cab home. He stops to take a look at the world around him; he smiles at the beautiful sky and seems to be totally at ease with his place in the world.

Suddenly from behind “Pathetic”

Henry looks down at the ground, realizing the world he lives in is about to take a very drastic turn for the worst.

“Watch what you say mortal” is all he replies with.

“Don’t speak in that condescending tone to me godling. I’m more powerful than you or your pathetic father could ever dream of being.”

Henry turns around to face his enemy and we see that it is The Emperor, now dressed in the classical Emperors armour, floating high above the street, energy crackles around his hands and his eyes glow with power.

“so this is the fate of the mighty Hercules? Living among the mortals and living in filth?”

Hercules is now getting annoyed by the Emperor. “State your business with me Shazor, I choose to live among the humans and don’t have to justify it to you. If you are still angry over my fathers denial of your request for power than you should seek an audience with him, not me.”

The Emperor slowly floats down to the street and lands. The energy that crackled around his hands is gone as is the energy around his eyes. “Hercules, I have come to make you an offer. I will give you the chance to serve under me while I rule this pathetic world but you must swear eternal loyalty to me and me alone.”

Hercules has a very grim look on his face “and if I refuse your offer”?

The Emporor replies with “then I will be forced to make an example out of you just like I did with the jaguar. Only this time I will not let you live as I did with him, this time I will destroy you for all to see. The choice for you is simple, serve me or die”

With that Hercules is overcome with rage and almost before the emperor can finish his statement Hercules reaches out and grabs him by the throat with his right hand. “Mortal fool. I’m Hercules, son of Zeus. No mortal may speak to me like that.” It might be that the Emporor is stunned or momentarily scared but we see a look on his face that we have not seen before but only for a split second. Then a blast from The Emperor’s eyes hits Hercules in the chest and knocks him back forcing him to lose his grip on his enemy.

Hercules stumbles back, stunned that he was actually hit with something that was powerful enough to cause him to lose his grip, he looks down and sees that his shirt is singed and smoking and that he has a slight burn where the blast struck his chest. “I hope that is not all you have to offer in this battle Shazor. If it is you really should turn around and go home or perhaps you can beg my father for power again.”

The Emperor has now retaken his position in the sky, about 20 feet above the ground and has also moved back so he is not within reach of his foe, with that the Emperors hurls to energy blasts at Hercules but Hercules is ready this time and avoids the blasts and leaps towards his enemy and manages to hit the emperor and knock him back to the ground, the force is enough that once Shazor hits the ground he actually cracks the cement under him. He looks up just in time to see Hercules about to slam on top of him from up above, Herc is still about 10 feet above him flying through the air still from his initial leap at the Emperor.

Hercules slams feet first onto his opponent and they crash through the street into the sewer below, now a large number of people have begun to gather outside stunned at what they are seeing.

Suddenly the ground shakes like an earth quake and it continues for what seems like forever but realistically it’s only about 45 seconds of chaos.

Hercules emerges from the hole that was originally formed when the combatants crashed through the street.

“My God Henry, what in the name of heaven is going on”? The older lady from the bar asks running to her friends side. “Nothing to be concerned about, Mary” and he gives her a warm reassuring smile.

Suddenly the ground a few feet away erupts and The emperor emerges, his eyes are again aglow, his hands crackle with energy, in fact his entire body seems to be alive with energy he floats about 15 feet from where herc is, The Emperors’ arms are outstretched at his sides and suddenly a burst of energy comes from his hands and eyes simultaneously. Hercules, seeing the size of the energy blast coming towards him and his friend leaps in the way and is hit square in the chest by it.

For the first time in as long as he can remember Hercules feels real pain, he can feel the power of the blast moving him backwards, he ignores the pain and digs his feet into the ground and begins to push forward. The Emperor’s doubles his efforts, the air around him is alive with power, street lights are shattering, and cars are moving away from him. Despite his best efforts Hercules finds himself moving backwards, his feet destroying the concrete underneath them.

Finally Hercules looses his footing altogether and flies backwards into a building, he’s now pinned between the building and the energy being hurled at him. “I…..will….not….fall” and suddenly there is a gigantic energy flash and the shockwaves that resonate knock everyone watching the battle down.

When they recover they look up and see The Emperor slowly floating up, a deranged smile is across his face. “Henry…my God” Mary now stands over the body of her friend, the god Hercules, nothing much remains except for charred, smoking bones. The Emperors’ blast was powerful enough to destroy one of earth’s mightiest defenders. Just then news crews begin to show up just in time to see The Emperor still hovering over his one time adversary, he turns slowly and then in the blink of an eye he flies away fast enough that a sonic boom shakes the world under him.

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Re: The Reawakening-Updated 04-22-08

Post by A-dog » Wed May 07, 2008 7:40 am

been really busy with school, work, wife and kids.....I'll be posting something here soon, sorry about the delay.

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Re: The Reawakening-Updated 05-23-08

Post by A-dog » Fri May 23, 2008 12:09 pm

I started writing the next part, just started so here it is, only a page worth of material but hey...I'm mega busy at work these days lol.

3rd Issue:

Page 1

First panel-The street where the battle with The Emperor and Hercules took place, it now looks like a war zone. Police and military personnel are everywhere; barricades are set up to keep reporters and people away from the fallen hero. Reporters are everywhere. Blackjack, Swift, Franklin (who has a bandage over his nose from the punch he took from blackjack), Higgins, Dr. Blain Whitney and The Web are on the scene. They stand within the police barricade but away from the body, Swift and Higgins are speaking to a person from the military while blackjack is approaching the body which is now covered by a white sheet.

Blackjack thinking “I can’t believe this. How can Hercules be dead? Everything is going nuts all at once.”

Second panel-Blackjack is kneeling over the body, looking down and shaken by what he sees before him.

Third panel-Blackjack reaches down to remove the sheet, he wants to see if this is indeed Hercules and if it is pay his last respects to his friend.

Forth Panel-Just as he touches the sheet the body sits up abruptly scaring the hell out of blackjack. The body is still smouldering but it lets out a scream as it moves.

Blackjack-My God….Hercules what….

Hercules-(very faintly) not….dead…..just need time…..

Fifth panel-Dr. Whitney is now examining Hercules who is laying back, his eyes are open and he looks much better than he did when he originally started moving again. Herc has an oxygen mask on but no IV’s in him or anything else.

Dr. Whitney-“This is amazing. I’ve never seen anything like this, he’s healing at an incredible rate. You can practically see his body repairing itself, this is one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen

Sixth panel-an overhead shot of the area, we see the crowd is spreading out allowing a very large car to make it’s way towards the scene, the car moves slowly but everyone seems to know they don’t have a choice but to move…

Continued after the holiday….

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