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The attack had been swift.

Bugs – Beetles, Mosquitos, Bees, Wasps, all types of flying insects – working together in an organized manner swooped down on the people of Chicago, biting, stinging. Women ran screaming, swatting frantically. Babies cried. They were everywhere; in people’s hair; in their mouths. Automobiles were stopped on the road and trains on their tracks as thousands of insects fouled up the mechanisms, sacrificing themselves in the process. It had been utter chaos.

Now, they hovered above the city, a huge dark cloud masking the sun.

Thomas Troy had been inside the courthouse when they attacked. Now, having changed to his alter ego the Fly, he flew toward the hovering mass, sending out telepathic signals, trying to talk to them. Given a fly-shaped ring by Turan of the fly-people, Thomas Troy was usually able to talk to and control insects in his Fly persona. But this time there was nothing. It was as if their minds were blocked from his commands.

Then, en masse, almost as one body, they dove. Within seconds the Fly was swamped. Insects swirled around him, surrounded him, stung him, bit him, almost suffocated him as they flew into his nostrils, covered his masked face, entered his mouth. Overwhelmed, he dropped. Tumbling, spiraling downward, he barely managed to active his signal device as he crashed into the filth of an open dumpster. The impact slammed the dumpster’s lid shut. Then the darkness of unconsciousness engulfed him.

The Mighty Crusaders



by John Packer

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Bugged 1

Post by Reuben Reuben » Tue Mar 27, 2007 12:28 pm

“He’s around here someplace,” said the Shield.

The red-white-and-blue-clad redheaded leader of the Mighty Crusaders looked down at the small beeping object the size of a cell phone that he held in his hand.

“The triangulator pointed to this location.”

A shrill Chicago wind whined through the alley, whipping up some empty plastic shopping bags. The bags swirled slightly. The wind opened them, filled them, and whipped them around like plastic parachutes whirling out of control. Finally, they collapsed and floated down landing in front of Bob Phantom’s brown-booted feet. The green-clad hero unraveled his red cape, which the wind had wrapped around his body, kicked the bags aside, and scowled.

“This place is filthy,” he said. “Let’s find the Fly quickly and get out of here.”

Blond-haired, firm-jawed Steel Sterling glanced around, slowly nodding his head in agreement as he surveyed their surroundings. The backs of several buildings faced them on both sides. Several dumpsters, some overflowing with garbage, were aligned on one side. A broken ladder from a fire escape of one of the buildings on the other side lay on the ground amidst some rubble. Several rats scampered across it into a hole in a wall.

Fly-Girl winced and moved closer to her steel-muscled teammate letting out a muffled shriek at the sight of the rats. She started to draw her buzz-gun from its yellow holster, then, thought better of it.

Behind her, Comet was amused at Fly-Girl’s reaction. She’d faced deadly space creatures in battle, yet the sight of some rats sent her into a near panic. He’d long admired Fly-Girl. He even tried romancing her once, upon his return from the planet Altrox after the death of his beloved Queen Naija. She was the Fly’s girl, though, pure and simple. Though, he’d noticed that things between them have been a little strained lately. Perhaps, there was a chance…. His thought drifted off.


The voice came from above then. In unison they looked up to see what appeared to be the Fly hovering about 300 yards up.

Fly-Girl sensed something was wrong.

“Guys,” she said. “I don’t think that’s…”

Suddenly the figure burst apart. Thousands of beetles rained down toward them. Thinking fast, Steel Sterling grabbed a dumpster and held it up as a shield for his non-invulnerable teammates.

“…the Fly.”

Many of the beetles slammed into the dumpster, squishing and dying. The rest flew off.

Fly-Girl attempted to communicate with them to no avail.

“My thoughts are being blocked. I can’t talk to them.” Fly-Girl said aloud.

“Follow them,” Shield commanded. “We need to know what’s going on.”

Fly-Girl took off, flying after the beetles.

Steel Sterling released the dumpster with a thud. The lid popped open.

“What a ruckus,” the Fly said, climbing out of the dumpster. “Can’t a guy recuperate in peace?”

“Just like you to sleep through the action,” Bob Phantom said.

“Fly, what’s going on? Any ideas?” Asked the Shield.

“Yes,” the Fly said. “Let’s get up to the Crusader Cruiser and I’ll fill you in.”

The five heroes huddled together. Shield touched the communicator on his belt.

“Web, five to come aboard,” he said.

“Roger,” the Web’s voice came back.

Seconds later a yellow light engulfed them. It lifted them up, up, up; until they and the light suddenly disappeared.

(To be continued.)

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