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The Crusaders: After The Crucible (9 issues)

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"After The Crucible" by Barry Reese

Here's a link I found to a page at featuring the first of nine plots for a further nine issues of the Crusaders, set after the storyline in The Crucible. As far as i know there weren't any plans to bring back this title, so i am fairly sure this is strictly a fan effort (rather than an official pitch). Haven't read it yet but it looks good from a glance, it features characters not really used by !mpact, like the Hangman.

See the left hand margin of that page for links to issues 2 to 9.
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Barry Reese wrote those, and I thoroughly enjoyed them.

As a historical side note, Mark Waid told me that they had to change up the Crucible storyline after getting the word that the Impact! universe was being scrapped. It's all in the interview I did with him elsewhere on this website.

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