Chapter I : And So It Begins....

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Chapter XVII : And So It Begins...

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Queen Hippolyta had been silent for quite awhile. She finally spoke.

"We will do what we can for the pilot, but as soon as he is capable,
he must be sent away.
You know this is how it must be, Diana."

"Yes, I have no argument there, my queen. But I would hope you would
consider what I have proposed.
We have known now for sometime that there is a great conflict about
to occur in the
outside world. I hope you will change your mind about having an
ambassador from the island
joining back to the man's world with this man."

"As you know, I have thought about such a thing before. Even before
this man's arrival.
In fact, with his arrival, it just proves how this conflict could
eventually involve us.
But you must understand my hesitation about sending one of our
sisters to the man's world.
You are young, my daughter. You never lived amoungst the men of our
species. They are
warlike, and cannot be trusted. You hope that one of us could sway
them to our ways of peace,
but that is a great task, that will probably prove fruitless. That
is the reason why all
those centuries ago, our patron godesses, Athena & Aphrodite, gave
us this place to live."

"I have been told the tales, Mother, and I know the risks. Which is
the reason why I think
that I should go to act as this ambassador."

"What!! No, Diana. That is not up to discussion. You are my
daughter. The heir to my throne.
You are a gift of the gods. I could never risk you."

"But, Mother, that is the reason why it should be me. I am a gift of
the gods. I have
been given strength and speed to rival the gods and goddesses
themselves. Also, as a
representative of the crown, it would not be right to send one of my
other sisters in my

"No, Diana. You are correct. One of the amazons shall accompany the
man, but it will not be
you. We shall have a contest. Whoever wins it, shall be named as
ambassador. Our people
have readied weapons and a great flying ship for the winner. But,
and hear me my daughter,
that person shall not be you. I want you nowhere near the field
during the contest."

" Queen. You know I am stronger, faster, more capable
than any of the other amazons."

"I have made my decision, Diana!" The Queen stood up and walked out
of the throne room.


Ladies and Gentlemen...The President of the United States.

President Roosevelt began to speak to the joint-session of Congress.
The heroes in their
bright costumes stood out as they stood in the front row. But all
eyes were on the leader
of the country as he spoke...

"Mr. Vice President, Mr. Speaker, Members of the Senate, and of the
House of Representatives:

Yesterday, December 7th, 1941 -- a date which will live in infamy --
the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked
by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.

The United States was at peace with that nation and, at the
solicitation of Japan, was still in conversation with its government
and its emperor looking toward the maintenance of peace in the

Indeed, one hour after Japanese air squadrons had commenced bombing
in the American island of Oahu, the Japanese ambassador to the
United States and his colleagues delivered to our Secretary of State
a formal reply to a recent American message. And while this reply
stated that it seemed useless to continue the existing diplomatic
negotiations, it contained no threat or hint of war or of armed

It will be recorded that the distance of Hawaii from Japan makes it
obvious that the attack was deliberately planned many days or even
weeks ago. During the intervening time, the Japanese government has
deliberately sought to deceive the United States by false statements
and expressions of hope for continued peace.

The attack yesterday on the Hawaiian islands has caused severe
damage to American naval and military forces. I regret to tell you
that very many American lives have been lost. In addition, American
ships have been reported torpedoed on the high seas between San
Francisco and Honolulu.

Yesterday, the Japanese government also launched an attack against

Last night, Japanese forces attacked Hong Kong...."

People were huddled around their radios that day, all around the
United States. They listened
to the man who had lead them during the worst economic disater the
country had ever faced,
and now he was about to lead them through an even more trying time.

"There is no blinking at the fact that our people, our territory,
and our interests are in grave danger.

With confidence in our armed forces, with the unbounding
determination of our people, we will gain the inevitable triumph --
so help us God.

I ask that the Congress declare that since the unprovoked and
dastardly attack by Japan on Sunday, December 7th, 1941, a state of
war has existed between the United States and the Japanese empire.

We also will have the might of a few very special men who were there
during the attack
which we now know would have been much worse if not for them. If not
for these "mystery-men"
as the papers have dubbed them. For me, I think of them as, as super-heroes!

I have asked them to come together as a group to help defend our
shores from Japan, and yes
from any other enemy who might attack us..."


Diana looked in on the pilot. She was surprised to already see him
awake and standing.
He turned and seemed surprised to see her.

"Look, I'm fine. Whatever you guys did, it worked. I feel great, so,
please, I don't
need anymore tending to." Steve Trevor smiled as he said this.

"I am the one who found you. I am Diana."

"Steve...Trevor. Captain Steve Trevor. Thank you for saving me. I'm
still trying to
figure out how I ended up in the Atlantic. And, where the heck am I
anyway. I don't remember
any islands quite like this one."

"No, no man has ever been here before."

" is that possible?"

"We have a magic barrier. So far it has kept anyone from finding us,
but it would seem
that whatever brought you here was magical as well. I am sorry, the
barrier is probably what
caused your crash. But we must stay protected."

"Protected? Protected from whom? The Germans?"

"I do not know what the "germans" are. If that is what man's world
calls itself, then yes."

"Mans' world? Yeah, hey, where are all the men?" As Steve said this
he made a motion towards
the door. Diana stepped in front of him, and grabbed him by the arm
and lead him back inside.
Steve could not believe the power within that grip.

"Hey, ok. I get the point. No going outside. The others said the
samething. What's the big

"No man must ever step foot on the ground of Paradise Island. It
would break all the enchantments
that keep us all young and free from man's shackles. These bracelets
we wear" Diana held up
one of her bracelet adorned arms to show Steve," they are reminders
to us of how we were
held in chains in the before time. Held by the likes of you!"

"Whoa! Hey, I don't chain up girls."

"Maybe not you, but your ancesters. And from what we have learned,
even now you men are
taking part in a war that could very well envelope the world."

"Look, Diana. I don't know what this is all about. I still think I
am probably dreaming all
this. My plane probably was shot down by the Japs and I'm probably
hullicinating all of
this, but my country didn't start anything. I agree, there are evil
men in this world, but
we are opposed to them. I hate war, but I know sooner or later, my
country has to get in this thing
to put an end to the evil men. Sometimes you have to fight, so there
can be peace."

"You speak as our matron Athena does. Unlike Ares, who makes war,
for war's sake. Athena
only believes in just wars."

"Athena? You mean the greek goddess? Wow, I must be dreaming. Haha,
that's probably why
there are only women here, and mighty beautiful ones as well." Steve
got real close to Diana
as he said this. At first, Diana felt like thrashing him, but then
she felt things stirring inside
of her. Things she had never felt before.

"Perhaps all men aren't bad" Diana thought to herself.

Diana brushed past Steve.

"Hey, where you going?" Steve asked.

"I am sorry. The contest is about to begin. I must be there."


"Yes, it is how my mother will pick a sister to go back to your
world with you."

"One of you are going back with me? Haha, I like that idea."

"Not just one of us. If all goes the way I plan, it will be I who
makes the journey with you."

"I have no complaints about that!" Steve said with a big smile on
his face."


The heroes were back in the oval office. It was now just them and
the President.

"Gentlemen, I hope you will consider what I said in there."

"But, Mr. President. I am not sure what all we can accomplish since
most of us won't
even be able to touch the Germans or Japs." Superman said.

"You don't worry about that. I just want you on hand so that the
Germans and Japanese
can't touch us."

"Well, I agree with that, sir!" Captain America said.

"Good, but we need to come up with a name for your little group.
Something that will
stand out for the citizens."

"Anything you want sir. You seem to be good coming up with names."
Plastic Man said.

"Hmmm, let's see," FDR chomped on his cigarette holder, "You all
stand for Justice, hmm
Justice Club,, it must be like a Society, a Society of
Justice. No... the Justice Society
of America!! That's it! The J.S.A. how you like that, boys?"

All the heroes were shaking their heads in agreement, except for one.

Hour-Man hesitantly stepped forward. "If I may, sir?"

"Of course, what is it lad?"

"I was just thinking that a word like "society" is fine for people
like you. I mean, no
offense, sir, but most common folks don't even realize that word
means anything like a club.
They think of societies as something only rich people belong to."

"I see. What do you suggest?"

"I'm sorry if I am being too.."

"Nonscense, go ahead, young man. You are right. What does 'john
public' know about societies."

"Exactly sir. I was thinking about when I see kids playing baseball.
They have a thing called
little league. And there are women's leagues and...

"The Justice League of America! By jingy, I like it. The JLA! That's

"Excuse me, I know you want all of us involved Mr. President, but I
would rather not take part."
Batman stepped forward and said.

"But Batman..." Captain America started to say, but Batman cut him

"Sorry, Captain, but I don't work well in groups. Don't get me
wrong. I will do all I can
on my own, but I would rather it be that way..alone. That is not to
say that I will not
help if I am called upon. You know how to get ahold of me."

"If that is what you want, Batman," the President said, "What about
the rest of you? Are you
all willing to be a part of the JLA?"

"I will be honored sir." Captain America said.

"Ditto," Hour-Man responded.

"While I am not thrilled about working with any surface-dwellers, I
realize now that
the Japanese and Germans are Atlantis' real enemies for now, which
means the Sub-Mariner
will stand with you."

All the other heroes gave their agreements to joining, except for a
blue and red dressed
man who stood silently. They all looked over at Superman, and waited
for his response.

Superman looked up to see them all looking at him, and then he
spoke," I am sorry. I guess
I agree with Batman. I would rather stay on the sidelines, and only
help out when needed. I
hope that is alright."

"Of course, Superman," Captain America said, "while we could surely
use your power, I see
no reason why we can't make you & Batman a sort of "reserves" to our

"Then it is agreed. Let it be known that from this day forward you
are now the Justice League
of America....and may God bless you all," The President said.


The crowd of amazons cheered the masked woman as she won the last
event, the javalin
throw. The Queen then spoke. "Young amazon sister. I do not know why
you have chosen to
mask your identity, but you are truly worthy to be our
representatative to the outside
world. I could not be more fitting myself."

"Thank you, mother. That is quite a compliment," the woman removed
her mask to reveal Diana's
face. The crowd all stood silent, waiting for the queen.

"Diana, even though you have disobeyed me, you have won the right to
accompany the man.
But hear me now. This is a grave task with which you have taken on.
I will not accept
failure of anykind, be you my daughter or not."

"You have no fear, my queen. I will represent our island with all
the honor that it deserves."
The crowd now cheered the Queen and her daughter.

"Then go, my daughter, and may Athena and Aphrodite guide you on
your journey."

The heroes were all leaving the White House. Flying or walking away
in different directions.

Superman was one of them. As he flew past a building a bright light
shined in his eyes. He looked to see a figure down below on the
roof. He landed and spoke,"Did you want something, Batman?"

"Yes, I want to know why you didn't want to join? The Justice League
could use you. You must know that."

"That's funny coming from you. Why didn't you join?"

"We both know the answer to that. I'm not really one of you. I am
just a normal man. I have a mission, but I'm not sure how much help
I would be in a group of ...what did the president call all of
you...super-heroes, that's it."

"I'm not sure how normal you are, but I guess I feel like I'd be
better alone to. That's all."

"No offense, but that's bull! A guy with your powers should be
leading a group like that, not standing on the side-lines."

"And, perhaps, just the idea of you being a "normal guy" is
something that could help keep such a team down to earth."

"Haha, yeah, you might be right. But I just want to make sure it
isn't about you attacking us. We know it wasn't you. We know it was
somekind of mind-control"

"It's not that...well not exactly anyhow.." Superman turned away
when he said this.

"Not exactly? What is that supposed to mean?"

Superman turned back and looked Batman in the eyes. "Batman, you see
them all as "super" men, but in truth they are more like you, then
you think. While some of them do have impressive powers, they are
still human."

"And you aren't??"

"No, no I'm not. I have never told anyone this, but I am not of this

"Haha, what are you...a martian??"

Superman just looked at Batman silently.

"Wha? You are a martian??"

"No, not a martian. I've been there. There's no life. I came here as
a young baby from a place called Krypton. There I would have been
a "normal" perosn as you say, but here. The gravity is much weaker,
and your yellow sun's radiation has mutated me in some way, making me

"Look, Superman. I guess I believe what you are telling me, but I
have a way of sensing people's true intentions. Upon meeting you,
even with all the mind-control deal. I knew you were good. Perhaps
the best of us all. Perhaps, the most "human" of us all, and I
include myself."

"But you don't understand. When I am alone. The only one I have to
worry about is myself. If I was part of the JLA, I could never
forgive myself if anything happened to one of them. I don't know if
you can understand that...

Batman threw a batline and started down the side of the building,"
Actually, I think I understand too well. We might be very different
in a lot of ways, alien, but in that, we agree. Neither one of us
want the responsibility of the League. Take that to mean whatever
you want."

Superman almost followed after him. Batman must not have understood
what Superman had meant. But Superman didn't follow, he just stood
on the roof thinking about what had been said. Then he realized that
maybe Batman had heard him all too well.

That's it folks. That's the story of how "my" JLA came to be. I hope
you liked it. In the coming
days I will bring you more stories of this JLA, as well as my
versions of the X-Men, a golden
age group I call the Mighty Defenders, and a dark tale of the
Justice/Judgement Unlimited.
So keep close and keep reading!!

Thanks...Tyke; )

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