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Comet: Legion

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Setting: This story is an elseworlds tale. The premise is this: The MLJ earth was involved in the Crisis on Infinte Earths. In the massive battle, the Comet was hurt badly. This story goes from there. This story takes some of the Comet continuity, and incorperates it into this premise. The Comet is tm and copyright Archie Comics. The Crisis on Infinite Earths is copyright DC Comics. All other characters are either property of Archie Comics or Brad Cobb. This is a work of fiction. No infringement is intended. No money is being made. Read and enjoy.



Lanthro smiled. He had heard tales of this man... this warrior... but had never thought in his wildest dreams that he'd be fighting alongside of him.

The Comet acted fearless while fighting the rebellious robots on Altrox. Lanthro had hoped that after the war was over, he could talk with the Comet. They could relay stories of adventure and daring to each other.

As more and more of the robots were destroyed, Lanthro gained more and more respect for the costumed avenger from another world.

However, the Comet ended the war, and in doing so ended his stay on the planet. He was teleported back to Earth, and Lanthro knew the Comet would never return.


Lanthro smiled. The great warrior had returned. Upon hearing this wonderful news, he had volunteered for guard duty at the Annexian Fortress -- where the Comet was recovering.

After the hero of Altrox had healed from his wounds sustained on earth, he took a liking to Lanthro.

Lanthro discovered in John Dickering -- as he learned he was called -- a heavy heart that remembered all thee deaths he had caused on his home planet; the woman he left behind; the brother he died to save; and the thought of never seeing his home again. It was then that Lanthro gained respect for the Comet as a man, and not just a warrior.

Lanthro smiled. He knew he shouldn't have been smiling, but knowing that he would see the great warrior again brought him joy... even in the midst of the war he was going to bring the Comet into. And time was not on his side. He smiled anyway.

Lanthro did not smile, but he understood. Everything had gone according to plan. The Comet was going to save Altrox once again. Then the Crisis started.

He understood the Comet's home world took priority, but the warrior had promised that as soon as the current Crisis was over, he'd join Lanthro for Altrox.

Things had not gone as planned, and Lanthro was not smiling; there were tears instead.



It had taken Lanthro, once the Comet's general during the Altroxian war, seven years to get the ship functional after the invasion. He'd left his home planet with one mission: find the Comet and bring him back to save Altrox from the self-appointed alien conquerer that had invaded the planet.

It took his little ship three-and-a-half years to make the journey to Earth, and when he'd finally convinced the Comet to go to Altrox with him, the Crisis had begun.

The Comet chose to fight alongside the other heroes of Earth against this great evil, but promised to return and help the Altroxians as soon as it was over.

That was two-and-a-half years ago. Two-and-a-half years in space, floating to Altrox.


How long have I been out of it? he wondered to himself. He slowly sat up, feeling pain in his ribcage, and looked around the darkly-lit room.

Last thing I remember was leaving to fight something or someone with the rest of the Crusaders, and then nothing, he silently mused to himself, trying to straighten out his thoughts.

A voice from behind him said, "Welcome back, Sire."

"So, what has happened since I was last on Earth, Lanthro? How did I get back on the ship? And where are we?"

"Sire, many things have occurred since you were last on Earth," Lanthro said, "but, you instructed me not to tell you of such things."

"What? What do you mean by that?" the man said, visibly confused.

Lanthro looked at his friend and replied, "Sire, you told me not to tell you of such things, for you said, 'it would be better not to know for now'."

"Why don't I remember any of this?" the man said, desperately trying to figure things out.

"Sire, you asked me not to reveal anything." Lanthro was beginning to worry. His friend had been through quite a lot and he had seen his vengeance.

"Well, I'll tell you this..." The air began to crackle, and the room lit up as the Comet's eyes glowed red. "If you don't explain some things to me rather quickly, I'm going to--"

"What?" Lanthro interrupted. "What are you going to do?"

"I'll go back to Earth and find out for myself," John Dickering said smugly.

"Sire, you can't go. We're in the middle of space."


The Comet faced his loyal friend, Lanthro, and said, "Okay, I'm sorry. But what could possibly have happened that I told you not to tell me about?"

"I told you, sire," Lanthro was getting a bit tired of this back-and-forth with the groggy hero.

"Is there anyone else who knows?" the Comet said forcefully.

"Yes sire." Lanthro didn't know what to think. He knew the Comet would not hurt him, but the show of force in his voice was something Lanthro had never had directed at him before.


Lanthro finally just gave up and told him.

The Comet looked at his friend and said, "Send me back to Earth."

"I cannot do that, Sire. You're not fully healed yet."

A confused look covered the Comet's face. "Lanthro, you've always been a friend. You fought beside me during the Altroxian war. You served me well while I was courting Naija. You've always looked after my best interests, but I'm telling you now, I need to know what happened."

Lanthro took a deep breath and said, "Sire, I must go back to the beginning. About two and a half years ago, there was a Crisis..."

"I find this hard to believe... very hard to believe in fact." The Comet sat, not sure whether or not to believe Lanthro. "Multiple Earths? A hero called Super-Man?"

Lanthro nodded, "Yes, Sire. He, along with the heroes of his Earth and of your Earth and of many other Earths all fought to keep all the Earths from being destroyed."

Dickering tried hard to remember, but he couldn't. "So, did we succeed?"

"Well, sire, yes and no. Some Earths were completely destroyed, only a few survived the onslaught. Many heroes died valiantly and some new heroes emerged."

John Dickering looked up at his trusted friend, and asked him one simple question, "How do you know all this? Who told you?"

Lanthro looked down sadly at the sitting hero and told him. "You did, Sire. Right before you died."


"Yes, Sire," Lanthro responded, "which is why I said you were not fully recovered yet."

The Comet, visually stunned, said, "How did I die?"

Lanthro looked at his hero, his master, and told him. "You died, sire, from battle wounds suffered during the Crisis."

John Dickering, usually one for words, sat silent for at least ten minutes before finally speaking up, "And the enemy in this Crisis?"

"Gone, sire. Gone."

The Comet nodded. Then he got up from his seat and paced the room.

"How long until I am back at full-strength, Lanthro?"

Lanthro's eyes became soft and sad. "Sire, the extent of you injuries, the death that you suffered, and the fact that you previously have been brought back..."

"Yes?" the Comet said. "When will I be back at full-strength?"

Lanthro looked down at the ground, unable to look his master in the eye. "Never."

John Dickering stared at the floor. "So, what are you saying?" The Comet looked up at his friend, hopefully.

Lanthro walked towards him slowly, and put his hand on John's back, and said, "You still have control of your powers, but their intensity level has been drastically reduced from their level before the Crisis."

The Comet stood up, all emotion now gone from his face, save determination, and asked his aide, "How long until I can go, Lanthro?"

Lanthro looked at him, and said, "You really don't remember any of this, do you?"


"Well, there is a way to try and give you your full strength back, but that is all on Altrox--"

"Then let's go!"

"But Sire, if you go through this process, you can almost guarantee that you will never be able to be brought back to life again."

"Lanthro, I don't care anymore," the Comet said solemnly. "I'm tired of the runaround. Let's just go to Altrox, try to get me up to full power, and then let me go home."

Lanthro stood silently, trying to figure out how to tell him that they were going to Altrox already, and that he would probably have the fight of his life and not be anywhere near full-strength.

Lanthro and the Comet flew through space faster than any eye could view on their way to Altrox. As they were entering the atmosphere, the Comet looked through a window and saw the massive destruction below.

"What's happened?"

"Sire, I told you before you went to fight the Crisis..."

"Lanthro, I don't remember anything much about what happened before I got on this ship, so how's bout you refresh my memory."

"Sire, an alien conqueror named Kalathar arrived about two cycles after your last visit here. He devastated the entire planet, and we stood no chance. That is why I came to Earth again; to get you to come free us. You then heard about the Crisis, and promised to return with me as soon as it was over."

"But instead I died, and you brought me back, all the while bringing us to Altrox, right?"

"Yes, Sire."

The Comet understood. In fact, his memory was starting to come back. In flashes of images, he saw death and destruction. He saw strange heroes dressed in blue-and-red with big S's on their chest. He saw them all fight valiantly. Then he saw the blast coming at him, and then nothing but black.

Lanthro asked, "Sire, are you ready to go?"

The Comet awoke from his trance-like state, and nodded.

As they left the ship, they were met with extreme hostility from the rebel Altroxians. As it turned out, the Comet was branded a traitor for leaving Altrox, and everyone had assumed Lanthro had abandoned them as well.

Things were not going well for the returning hero.

The Altroxian rebels that met the ship had grown tired and despondant. They had given up hope of rescue, and had become complacient in that. Seeing the Comet return stirred up a lot of emotions, especially rage.

"You left us to die! It's your fault that our planet is under Kalathar's rule!"

The Comet looked at them and said, "When I left, there was no threat. I just discovered what happened when Lanthro found me back on Earth. I have come to help."

This helped the Altroxian's spirit and resolve, but the Comet felt no emotion one way or the other. The first time he had fought for them, it was a different era. He was younger, and ready to take on the universe. The second time, he fought to avenge his bride, Najia. Now, there was no overwhelming desire to do anything other than get back to Earth.

At least, that's what he told himself. But he knew that if he could access the technology of the Altroxians, he could be as strong, or stronger, than ever before. At half-power, he felt rather inferior. Like he wasn't a full man anymore. If he got his power back, he thought, he could be whole again.

All this uncertainty in his head, while preparing to face someone who had defeated an entire planet single-handedly.


Kalathar sat bored. He had conquered this planet so easily twenty-three cycles ago. Now he found it held no excitement anymore. No challenge. No fun.

His race was a race of conquorers. That's what they did. And Kalathar desired combat. But instead, he'd stayed to rule over the first planet he conquered.

Altrox's inhabitants had submitted to his rule after only a few days of fighting. Kalathar secretly hoped for an uprising against him, just so he could have some combat, some excitement again.

Sure, he'd killed various Altroxian people from time to time, but it was not the same. They stood no chance against him one-on-one. Even fifty-on-one was no match.

Kalathar sat bored. He wouldn't for much longer, though.

The Comet had bad memories of this place. A lone assassin had killed his wife on their honeymoon when he was last here. Out of shame for not being able to save her, he went back to Earth.

Now, Kalathar had set up his throne in the same place. By doing that, he had unwittingly infuriated the one person that had a chance of taking him down.

Lanthro was back among his people. He had been sent to Earth by them to get the Comet, which he did, and then to help them defeat Kalathar. After the equivalent of seven years, the Altroxians had given up hope.

But since the Comet was finally back, they felt the chance of victory.


Kalathar grew weary and anxious. He called the leader of his army (a yes-man if ever there was one), and asked about any uprisings or revolts; and as always, there was none to report... at least, none that they were aware of.

The seige took place quickly. Kalathar had dozed off and was barely coherent when the Comet destroyed his throne-seat.

Kalathar fell to the ground, still unsure if he was awake or dreaming the rebels attacking him with their lazer rifles.

Kalathar smiled. His wait was over. And within seconds, so was his life.

He crushed the man to the right of the Comet, and that's when John Dickering let loose with every ounce of power he could muster.

Kalathar's body was disintegrated, dust scattering in the breeze. And just as the realization of victory came for the Altroxians, the Comet passed out and fell hard to the ground.

The Comet knew exactly where he was. He was in the viewing room of the castle. On the screen in front of him, he saw Earth.

"I need to go back home," he said, with no emotion in his voice.

"Please reconsider, Sire," Lantro pleaded. He knew it was no use, but he did it anway.

The Comet had recently awakened after collapsing at the conclusion of the revolution. He had exerted every ounce of energy he had into destroying the enemy.

Not being at full-strength to begin with, it had totally depleted him. But now he was feeling better.

Lanthro looked at his hero, his friend, and said, "Who will be left to defend us?"

The Comet stood up, walked across the stone floor and looked into Lanthro's eyes. The words he said made Lanthro swell inside with pride. "Lanthro, you are more than capable of leading the Altroxian forces, and you have my blessing."

Lanthro felt like crying, as the Comet continued. Looking at the screen, seeing his home planet, he said, "The Altroxian people don't need a super-hero to protect them, they just need a hero. A leader. And that's you, Lanthro. Not me."

Lanthro smiled. His hero was right. The Comet did not belong on Altrox. In retrospect, he could hardly believe that the Comet agreed to come back with him to save the people of this planet. The Comet's place was on earth. And he would be home soon.

Using the restoration chamber, John Dickering's body became fully charged with the power the Comet wielded for so many years. The Comet was back. And in just a few short hours, he would be gone from Altrox for good.

John used his last few minutes to thank his friends, and especially Lanthro. For had it not been for him, John Dickering would still be dead. Then he turned around and said, "It's time."


The transport beam sent the Comet across countless galaxies, and straight to his home of earth. The beam suddenly died out as he entered earth's atmosphere, and John looked down, smiled, and took off in a blaze of light.

The Comet had returned home.


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