Hangman II: Beginnings

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Hangman II: Beginnings

Post by Brad » Mon Jan 24, 2005 1:40 am

Setting: 1984, Bob Dickering, the original Hangman I has died, and his son, Dr. Steve Dickering, has tried to take his place (see the Red Circle series, The Comet 1,2). The Comet, Steve's uncle, has supposedly returned from the dead. This story takes place after the events of The Comet #2. All characters are copyrighted and trademarked by Archie Comics. No infringement is intended, and I am not profiting monetarily from this story. Read on, and enjoy!


The Hangman II: Beginnings


Dr. Steve Dickering had been through Hell and back these past few months.

He'd been arrested on assault charges stemming from false accusations by an abusive mother of a five-year old boy.

He'd discovered that his "late" uncle John was very much alive, and was in actuality the Comet.

He also saw the one person he hated most in this world -- his own father -- beg for his love and forgiveness for all that he had done to Steve.

He watched this man die saying "I love you, Steve," to his only son.

Steve broke down mentally over the next few weeks, and didn't leave his house for over a month...

...at least, that's what the people who knew him thought.


"Like it or not, he's my father. And even though he put me through seventeen years of complete hell, I do love him." Steve Dickering sat with his uncle, John, the Comet, and just talked.

"Your father was a good man, Steve. He helped people and you, being a doctor, know what that can do to someone. I'm not saying that's an excuse for what he did to you, I'm just trying to..." the Comet trailed off. He was unsure of how to put it.

Steve looked at him, waiting for him to continue.

John finally got his words straight in his head. "You are like your father, in that you both strive to help people. The only real difference is that he tried to prevent harm, and you try to repair harm already done."

Steve looked at his uncle, back from the dead, and said nothing.

"Steve, I know you're trying to be like your father, with the Hangman suit and all... he knew it too. He was proud of you for trying to do that, but it's a whole 'nother world out there now. It's much more dangerous now than it was before."

"Uncle John, I--"

John interrupted his nephew, "Hear me out, Steve. I'm not trying to dissuade you from doing what you want. I just want you to be prepared for what may happen. If you're not prepared, you can get hurt, and even killed... believe me, I know."

Steve Dickering was going to prove himself to everyone that night. To his uncle John, to his late dad, and to whoever might get in his way, prove once and for all that he can handle being a super-hero. Instead, he barely survived the ordeal.

He attempted to interrupt a drug deal and got plowed into by a car driven by the seller's personal chauffeur. They removed his Hangman costume and threw him into a pile of trash.

Steve woke up a few minutes later with pain searing throughout his body from the car and from the bulletholes in his left leg.

The almost naked doctor dragged his bloody body towards the hospital and collapsed in the emergency room entrance.

When he awoke, three days later, his first sight was that of his mother's smiling face. "You've come back to me!"

Steve saw the Comet standing by his bed, and he sat helplessly as he was told, "Steve, we're going off to a battle that we may not win. I know we'll do all that we can, and I ask only one thing of you."

Steve looked up at his uncle with newfound respect, "Name it."

"Take care of your mother for me..."

A tear streaked down Steve's face, then the Comet was gone.


Steve was allowed to leave the hospital the night before, but he just walked the halls, looking around at all the people who had been injured by the vile criminals that haunted the city nights.

His uncle's words repeated themselves in his head. "I'm just wanting you to be prepared."

"Be prepared."

Prepared, he thought to himself...

The Hangman would rise again. And next time, he'd be prepared.

The End?

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