Jaguar: Judgment

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Jaguar: Judgment

Post by CyberforceJaguar » Mon Jan 24, 2005 1:30 am

Here is a fanfic that follows up a thread the writers convenently left for me ; was that not nice of them ? By the way this is the only that I know of that features Maria [the Jaguar] ; am I the only supporter she has?


Here I stand in the cold and snow waiting ...

Waiting for what you ask ?

I am waiting for judgement .

It is such a simple word but it weighs so unbearably much .

My name is Tracy Dickerson and while I wait for Him I will tell you a little bit about myself .

I am ashamed to admit that I was the person that I was back then .

I can only say in my defense that after my parents emotionally abandoned their trophy token child that it would be unrealistic to expect that I would not develop social difficulties of one fashion or an-other .

But that is an explanation not an excuse .

Then I met Her .

I did not appreciate her at first ; to be truthful I was an abhorrent , vile luddite who was casually cruel .

I did not know it at the time but when that little shy foreign girl became my room-mate it would prove to be the single best thing that ever happened to me .

Maria Conception de Guzman

Oh so very much an `Angel Unawares'

She talked strange .

She knew more languages then I could spell .

She could memorize the text-books at a glance and understand complex equations faster than I could read them and run them through her head as easily as a breeze caressed wind-chimes .

I hated her .

I hated her with-out cause , justification , or reason .

I pulled all manner of cruel pranks on her and semi-discreetly tormented her every opportunity that I had .

And through it all she remained as sweet and loving as a new-born kitten .

So I thought about other abuses that I could visit on her but before I could implement them ...

I learned that she was not only an angel in grace and manner but also in power .

She was the Jaguar .

She could out-track the Wolverine and out-fight the Shield ... heck she could probably punch her way through Adamantium if she had to!

In raw strength she had few equals (most of them family) and only three who might be her superiors .

I once saw her strike Thor and send him to the ground in a single blow !

But that was later ...

When I first learned of her secret I plotted how to use the information to my advantage even if ...especially if it met that it would be to her detriment .

Then He happened .

And I was found wanting .

I was no longer the bitch-queen who demanded that the world kiss my ass .

Instead I became no-thing more than a scared little child about to be punished ...severely.

But it never happened ...

The Queen's whipping-girl took the punishment for her .

Many people have looked into the face of their own mortality only to come away changed .

That day I saw not only my own mortality but also my Fate .

It was days before I stopped shaking .

It was weeks before the nightmares were limited to only one a night .

Afterwards I looked into my soul and I did not like what I saw .

Anyone who has such an experience and is not changed is un-human and should be treated with care as the unnatural thing that it is .

When Maria faced her own time of crisis I am proud to say that I rose to support her .

For more than nine years now I have followed her and continued to bolster her ... from discovery of her family's past and the secret of her power to the assassins we finally traced back to the Moonlighter I have thrown what comparatively little weight I have behind her causes and been what she needed me to be .

Now ... now I think that I am ready .

She suspected nothing .

I have completely gained her trust .

She had no reason TO suspect any-thing .

And so now here I stand .

I am waiting for the judge to pass sentence on me .

I am growing colder but I ignore the bitter frost creeping through my limbs .

Finally He arrives .

The Judge .

A robe not of black satin but of white .

Did you know that to the people of Japan , oh excuse me please , Nihon , black is not considered the colour of death . White is .

White , the colour of bleached bone .

He is just as I remember him .

He stands ; we face each other .

The moment drags on for fleeting interminable ages .

The Doomster . That is what they call him . But to me he is simply ...the Judge.

Finally he makes his move ... but it is not to me rather he turns to the woods and returns to his domain .

The Judgement has been passed . . . The Judge found in my favour .

I smiled when I lied to Maria yesterday to keep her from suspecting [ of course it helped the she was distracted ; you lucky girl , I hope I find someone who can distract me like that ] but now for the first time in days , since before I realized that I had to do this I smile a real smile .

I think about the time we met `Red' Highlaw and her friends and how they said there was a difference between Destiny and Fate . Even though they both mean the future the difference is in the context ; Fate is the inevitable that holds you prisoner ; Destiny is when you take hold and even if you can not control it you steer it as best you can .

Now I must choose what to do next .

Maria has so many others to hold her up now even as she holds them up . She does not need me anymore , if she ever did .

The Web has all ready trained me and even the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. afford me some respect ...

The pundits are already calling this the Year of Damnation because of all the Disasters , the Kanto Quake , the `Second Impact' , the Great Gotham Temblor et cetera and the public does not even know about the Gallifrey/San Francisco incident, the Kamui incident , or the confrontation with the Wisdom Alliance ...


You know , as I remember , the Web was looking for an agent to liaison with the `Clan of the Cave-Bat' in No-Man's-Land

Thank you Maria ... you are the best friend that I ever had ... but now I think I am ready to stand on my own ...

I will make you proud . . . I promise .


Author's after-word :

When the Impact titles came out my favourite was without a doubt the Jaguar .

The Shield (Legend of, ) and the Web were next . Since I could not get the Fly or the Comet regularly I was not as enthralled with them as I was with the other three .

Recently I came across Impact Fanfic , Mighty Fanfic , and the Mighty Crusaders message-board all in one day and it brought back memories and a smile .

I pulled out my Impact lines and read them all in a single night .

I had not even put the last one down when I realized that the Doomster saga needed a follow-up; not a sequel, a follow-up. Within thirty seconds this story gestated and began to go into labour .

Unfortunately the dreaded `R.L.' Monster [ is it related to the Doomster? Just a thought] harassed me and it was not until the next night that I sat down to type this out .

Well do you think that it is worth it?

Comments can be sent to

by the by in case any of you are wondering about some of the references in this story it takes place in my own post-Crisis universe ; in this world seven worlds melded into one and the history is very different from that of the standard Post-Crisis/Earth-Sigma . If any of you want details or want me to write more stories let me know

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