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State Prison Thursday, May 4, 1938 9:00 A.M.

"What are you in for?" asked the older convict of the hard looking young man.
"I escaped from prison and tried to rob my stupid brother and was caught by
the police because I cut the telephone line to his house. Didn`t know there
was a flood coming, the police couldn`t get the punk on the phone so they came
to his house to warn him of the flood and caught me in the act."
"Don`t like your brother, eh? Who is he?"
"That`s right, I`ve hated my brother since we were kids. I was in and out of
reform schools most of my childhood, while my precious brother was the perfect
soon making the honor roll every year. During college he studied psychology and
criminalology while I robbed banks. Everyone loved my brother especially our
young cousin Thomas. My cousin was named after me and his hero is my brother,
Professor John Raymond."
"Professor Raymond is your brother? He`s the man that helped the police nail
me for murder. I will have my vengeance on him."
"Name`s Raymond, Tom Raymond. What`s yours?"
"I am Dr. Henry King, but the world knows me as Brain Wave."
"Sounds like one of those mysterymen names you hear around the country these days ."
"They are but fools who cannot compare to my genius. When I escape this prison the world
will fear the name Brain Wave. The first to feel that fear is your brother Professor John
Raymond for daring to cross paths with me."
"That`s alright with me as long as I get a piece of him. There`s gotta be others
in this prison that my brother put away who would like a crack at him."
"Ah, yes that sounds excellent. You and the others that we find may become my
underlings in my new Empire."
"Uh...yeah...o.k. whatever you say as long as my brother gets what he deserves."

Meanwhile in the Wardens office, the Warden a heavyset older balding man with a bushy mustache was sitting at his desk talking to his head guard, a tall, lean, well muscled man in his thirties.
"Warden I `m worried about that King fellow, when they brought him in I was told he had some kind of mind powers."
"Balderdash, next you will tell me that alien men are living on Earth!"
" I`m not to sure what to think about aliens, but from what I was told about Brain Wave, he`s our most dangerous convict here."
"You don`t expect me to take serious someone who calls themself Brain Wave do you? Come now Nix you don`t believe in such rubbage, do you?"
I don`t know anymore what with all the Mysterymen you hear about the country. I heard of one Mysteryman in Gotham that has some kind of magic ring that lets him fly."
"Sounds like Peter Pan, Riley, a lot of nonsense if you ask me. I wouldn`t worry about Henry King, just look at him, frail, big head and thick glasses. It`s a wonder how he killed that man like he did. The one I`m worried about is the newest inmate Tom Raymond. He`s a born killer if I ever seen one."
"Warden Drake, Warden Drake, ...there`s been a prison break!"
"What? Who escaped?"
"Brain Wave, Raymond, the Archer and the two con artists in D block. One of the guards said that King turned into some kind of monster and attacked him."
"I`ll have that guard fired for drinking on the job. No one has ever escaped from Peyton Drake."
"Sir, it was Webster that reported it"
"Webster, that kid doesn`t know what`s going on. Where is he?"
"Sir, Webster is one of my best men. If he said that King turned into a monster then I believe him." Riley Nix replied angrily.
"Whatever, call the police and tell them to be on the lookout for all five men. Riley call John Raymond and tell him that his brother has escaped."

John Raymond`s Home 3:45 P.M.

John Raymond, a blonde solidly built man in his twenties is sitting at his chair when his telephone rings.
"Hello?...Yes, this is Professor John Raymond.....Tom has escaped with who?...I remember Brain Wave, a very dangerous man. Thanks for telling me Riley. Goodbye."
Professor Raymond goes to his bookcase and pulls on a certain book that opens a secret passage to the hideout of the Web.
"It looks like the Web will get his debut sooner than I thought, what with Tom and Brain Wave both out and no doubt want vengeance against me." Mused Raymond while he looked at the costume of the Web. Slowly Professor Raymond changed into his Mystery man costume, shedding the personality of a bookish Professor becoming the flamboyant hero.
"Not bad, if I say so myself." as the Web look at himself in the full length mirror. As he pulled on the mask of his green and yellow costume, the Web was ready for action.

Friday, May 5 10:00 A.M. Brain Wave`s secret hideout.

Brain Wave is dressed in his customary green gown and thick glasses, while Tom Raymond and the others wore one piece green coveralls and domino masks.
"I feel ridiculous in this outfit B.W., like some kid dressing for Halloween." grumbled Raymond pulling at the collar.
"You fools these uniforms mark you as part of my empire, when I rule the world you will rule countries, all others will bow down to me!" ranted Brain Wave. " But first we must kidnap the Mayor of this city to force the city to make me ruler. First the city, next the world!"

Mayor Hancock`s Office Empire City 1:35 P.M.

"Empire City a fitting name for the beginning of my Empire." laughed Brain Wave.
"Hey boss, we decided to call ourselves Hocus and Pocus, what do ya think?" asked Hocus.
"Deliver me from fools. Hocus, Pocus, Archer, Raymond gather all the Mayors personnel."
"Brain Wave, you`ll never get away with this, Empire City`s police force will stop you."
"Ah, I see that my men have everyone, Archer you may use one of the hostages as a target for your arrows."
"My pleasure boss," Archer looks over the fifteen men, women and three children. Suddenly a teenage girl breaks free and runs for the stairway.
"Mary, no they`ll kill you." shouts one of the women.
"Stop her fools, she`s getting away."
"She`s just a kid Brain Wave, besides someone needs to know we have the Mayor and his people." Tom Raymond said calmly.
After Mary had escaped she found a broom closet and changed into Merry, the girl of a 1,000 gimmicks.
"Hmm, I better be careful these men look dangerous enough to kill everyone." thought Merry.
"I think I have the perfect gimmicks to distract them while I rescue the Mayor and others." Merry planted her gimmicks and worked her way around to the other side of the office. Less than a minute later what sounded like a machine gun fire in the hallway caused the escaped convicts to rush to the door to see what was going on. When they step outside they lost their balance due to the marbles left by Merry.
"Quickly everyone get out before they recover. I`ll take care of them, while you escape."
"Looks like you men are caught in your own web of confusion."
"Great more green, what is this wear green day?" groused Raymond.
"I AM... THE WEB."
"Something about this guy seems familiar." thought Raymond. "Come on men, lets get this clown."
While the men tried to regain their balance the Web tore into them unleashing a fury of rock hard punches. Brain Wave between the Web`s punch and the marbles stumbled and fell out a window only to be caught by Merry before he could fall to his death. Tom Raymond was able to escape out the same stairway that Mary had earlier. The two heroes were to busy with the others to notice. Brain Wave slipped into unconsciousness starring at his rescuer. The other three were quickly captured without the leadership of Brain Wave or Raymond.
"I hear the police coming I guess that`s our cue to leave Web. The man who escaped acted like he knew you. Was he an enemy of yours?"
"You might say that, I`m going to see if I can find where he went. I think the police can handle these men with Brain Wave unconscious. You should go home before your parents get worried. Next time leave the crime fighting to men." lectured the Web.
"Sure Mr. Web, whatever you say." replied a disgusted Merry as she walked away. "He deserves the gimmick I`m leaving him." she thought as she wipes the oil that she placed on the doorknob off her hands.

The street below minutes later in an alley. Tom Raymond is hiding from the police.
"I know who the Web is and I know who to get to make sure that he is defeated the next time we meet. With his help my revenge will be complete."

Who is this mysterious person that Tom Raymond plans to meet and does he really know that the Web is his brother?

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