Archie's Dark Circle Line: Dark Heroes Return (from Previews

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Archie's Dark Circle Line: Dark Heroes Return (from Previews

Post by leonmallett » Sun Dec 14, 2014 6:13 am



Suggests a separateness to Red Circle:
Alex Segura: Previous iterations of the Hood were very rooted in the world of super heroics, capes, etc. This one is a down-and-dirty crime book. You won’t see any super powers and you won’t see any costumes beyond the hood our hero puts on near the end of the first issue.
PREVIEWSworld: The Fox is making a transition from Red Circle to Dark Circle. Is it possible we may see other Red Circle characters appear in the Dark Circle titles?

Alex Segura: I think anything’s possible. At this point, “Fox Hunt”—the first arc of the new The Fox ongoing series—is about turning up the volume from the first mini-series and showing how the Fox fits into the Dark Circle universe. Dean Haspiel is really pushing the envelope here and bringing his indie, DIY aesthetic front and center for this story, with script by the incomparable Mark Waid. A lot of people have said this, especially FOX editor Paul Kaminski, but it bears repeating, The Fox is “super heroes on acid.” If that sounds awesome to you, don’t miss the book!
With The Shield in particular, Chuck and Adam rebuilt the character from the ground up—and the end result is a very modern, engaging and interesting new addition to the Dark Circle mythos. Chuck and Adam know story, conflict and world-building, and that’s what we wanted when we reached out to them—we wanted people who were intent on creating a world around this new character as opposed to just tacking her onto a pre-existing continuity.
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