New tpb's?

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New tpb's?

Post by leonmallett » Sat Jul 26, 2014 12:40 am

I noticed this comment in a Comic Con preview report (emphasis mine):

Comic-Con Preview Night: New Books From Image, Dark Horse, Archie, D&Q
At the Archie table, publicity director Alex Segura showed off new trade paperback collections of Archie Afterlife, a not-for-kids zombie tale, and a new collection of Life with Archie, the hot graphic novel after recent media coverage of a “death of Archie” sequence in which Archie is shot and killed. Segura also noted collections of The Black Hood, The Fox and The Shield, three revived superhero series being used to relaunch its Red Circle superhero comics line, now called Dark Circle.
Now this could simply be something around the packing of the first prospective 2015 story arcs, but is there a possibility of some other older stuff being repackaged? It seems unlikely, but you never know.
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