Are there any plans to resurrect some other former MLJ-ers (like the Green Falcon–who I’ve never seen, Captain Commando, Red Rube, Dusty-the Boy Detective, Roy the Super-boy, Rang-a-Tang the dog, and various others) who never made it past the golden age?

Wow.  I’ve never heard of some of those characters. Anything is possible, but I would guess its a long shot for most of them.  The Mighty Crusaders have had alot more visibility than those other guys, and its a tough job getting them a feature.

Did you have any story input at all in the AWM issues?

I like to stay out of the writer’s way.  If he ever asks for my opinion, I’m always happy to give it to him but otherwise I don’t want to butt into someone else’s job.  My editor, Victor Gorelick, has always been open to story ideas and always encouraged me to submit some of my own stories.  I’ve written a few regular Archie stories in the past and I’ve written one for an upcoming issue of  Archie’s Weird Mysteries.

Would you prefer a strictly Archie book, or a Mighty Crusaders book, if you got to choose?

Well, the main goal in this business is to keep working and feed yourself.   Any job that pays is the best one to have.  I have a good time drawing Archie and the gang…especially Reggie because I get to draw MEAN and ANGRY expressions.  I wish he had his own book…but I’m digressing…Drawing Archie is fun, but I have a real good time drawing the Mighty Crusaders. Drawing both of their appearances were the most fun I’ve had yet in this business.  I really wish they had their own book.

How does it feel to be the artist for the NEW ERA of the Mighty Crusaders?

I had never really thought along those lines. So far it feels great in that it’s always fun to draw the Mighty Crusaders, but evaluating the enjoyment of any historical significance this Crusaders era may have is the sort of thing that can only be done AFTER we’ve seen whether or not it has had any historical significance.

We may do these past two appearances and that’s it. No one might remember it and it may never matter, but it was still a blast to do at least these past two stories.  If these appearances do lead to future appearances, then it will be really rewarding to be a part of giving the Crusaders a few more issues of life if for nothing else just to keep these great characters going.