Created by:

Abner Sundell and Mort Meskin

Real Name:


Joined Mighty Crusaders:

The Falcon never joined the Mighty Crusaders

First Appearance:

Pep Comics #1, January 1940


Intrepid young Daily Express crime reporter Flash Calvert fights gangsters to protect Central City as a guardian of the press with the aid of the mysterious Flacon.


The Falcon only had one adventure in which he aided reporter, Flash Calvet to fight crime and get the story. The next issue of Pep the Press Guardian was Perry Chase and the Flacon was never seen again.

Note: The Press Guardian Strip Features Flash Calvet and the Falcon in Pep Comics #1. He is a reporter for the Daily Express. In Pep Comics #2 Perry Chase is the Press Guardian and the Son of the Publisher of the Daily Express. They have different civilian names, different relationships to the co-stars, different costumes; this equals different characters even though the strip has the same name and the same newspaper.

Powers & Weapons:

The Falcon has no superhuman powers but uses deductive skill to find organize crime.


MLJ Comics:

Pep Comics 1