Created by:

Irv Novick & Harry Shorten

Real Name:

Dustin Simmons

Joined Mighty Crusaders:

Dusty never joined the Mighty Crusaders.

First Appearance:

Pep Comics# 11, January 1941


Joe Higgins discovers Dusty as the sole survivor of a plane crash. The saboteurs of Dusty’s plane attack Joe’s girlfriend Betty. Dusty helps the Shield defend Betty and the Shield makes Dusty his partner.


Young partner of the Shield in the 1940’s, whose father died and who was subsequently taken on as a ward by Joe Higgins. Dusty was given a costume and secret identity as the Shield’s partner and became part of a two-boy team, the Boy Buddies, with the Wizard’s partner Roy. Dusty later left the Higgins family mysteriously after graduation and was not found until much later. Dusty was enhanced with a modified version of the Shield Serum. Retired from active duty to become Deputy Director of M.L.J.

Powers & Weapons:

Dusty has master deductive skills and better-than-average fighting skills and enhanced abilities due to a modified version of the Shield Serum.


MLJ Comics:

Pep Comics 11-65

Shield-Wizard Comics 5-13

Special Comics 1

Hangman Comics 2-8

Black Hood Comics 9-11

Mighty & Radio Comics:

Mighty Crusaders 4

Red Circle & Archie Comics:

Original Shield 2