Created by:
Cliff Campbell & George Storm

Real Name:
Robert Dickering

Joined Mighty Crusaders:
Captain Victory is not a member of the Mighty Crusaders.

First Appearance:
Comic Section of Illustrated Weekender News Reviews Vol 1, #2, Septerber 1945

Robert “Bob” Dickering adopted the secret identity of Captain Victory to avenge the Death of his brother the Comet.

History: (Canadian Version of the Hangman)
Bob Dickering was the brother of John Dickering (The Comet). When John was about to go to trial as a chief witness against racketeer “Big Boy Malone,” the gang leader sent orders to kidnap him. A few days later, Malone’s henchmen entered John’s apartment and grabbed Bob by mistake. Before they could force him into their getaway car, The Comet came to his brother’s rescue, but was gunned down in a hail of bullets and mortally wounded. With his brother dying, Bob swore to carry on the fight against crime and became — Captain Victory.

Powers & Weapons:
Captain Victory has no superhuman powers but is an Olympic level athlete, master of hand to hand combat. He has superior deductive abilities and psychological skills

Rucker Publications, Toronto, Canada:
Comic Section of Illustrated Weekender News Reviews Vol 1, #2