Published by F.E. Howard Publications
“The Ferryboat Admiral” as Captain Commando Reprint from Pep Comics #46
“Dusty Rhodes” by E. Letkeman
The restless urge of a wandering cowboy brings Dusty Rhodes into the town of Wildcat!
“Zor the Mighty” by E. G. Letkeman
Hidden deep in the jungles of India…
“Dr. Justice” by E. Letkeman
Doctor Justice! Everyone from the gangsters of the underworld…
“The Space Nomads” by E. G. Letkeman
It is on a bright, sunny afternoon…
“Li’l Chief Bugaboo”
Hiya Gang! Don’t forget to look for Fido ‘n me
Reprint from Pep Comics #46
“Dead Men’s Eyes Tell Tales”Script Otto Binder
Art Bob Fujitani
Hangman Reprint from Pep Comics #46
Cover: Pencils Clem Weisbecker and Inks George Harrison
Price: 10¢ Canadian