Archie Comics, long known for relatively innocent, Comics Code approved titles such as Archie, Betty, and Veronica, and Jughead has announced… Spectrum Comics… that will offer non-Code approved superhero and adventure titles in addition to new creator-owned comics. The Spectrum line will first overhaul Archie’s existing company-owned characters, formerly published under several now-defunct labels, which have lain dormant for the last six years or more. Wel, known writers Len Wein and Steve Engelhart have revamped the Hangman and the Fly respectively, the two titles that will launch Spectrum later this summer. Contracts are pending for the production of new versions of The JaguarThe Fox Mr. Justice, and The Shield.

unpublished HANGMAN cover art by Dave Doorman and Lurene Haines (Original 30″ x 42″)

Kelly Jones HANGMAN promotional a