Truth, justice, patriotism, and courage were represented by the four stars on the Shield’s extraordinary uniform, his true identity, Joe Higgins, was only known by FBI director J. Edgar Hoover. MLJ Magazines launched the Shield G-Man Club in Pep Comics #15. It offered a red, white and blue badge and membership card in exchange for a 2¢ stamp.

The Shield G-Man Club ran from 1941-1948 and had a few different premiums.

The most iconic is the pin back button.

There was also a membership card. However, when the Shield G-Man Club became the Archie Club in 1948 members were encouraged to turn in their G-Man membership card to get a free Archie Club membership card.

In 2018 the club began again as an unofficial gathering of patriots whose blood ran Red, White, and Blue!

It all started here…

So what did you get for your 2¢ stamp

You got a beautiful pinback button.


Shield G-Man Club Badge
1sr Version
blue rim, celluloid pinback button
1¾ inches in diameter



Sheild G-Man Club Badge
2ⁿᵈ Version
no Rim, celluloid pinback button
1½ inches in diameter



Sheild G-Man Club Badge
3ʳᵈ Version
Die-Cut Shield Shaped Badge
This pin is the most common, due to recent warehouse find
1″ tall



Sheild G-Man Club Badge
4ᵗʰ Version
no rim, celluloid pinback button
1¼ inches in diameter



Then there was the Membership ID Card, not all of them were actually signed by Joe Higgins, note the different signatures. Possibly signed for Joe by Betty or Dusty?

It all came to an end when Archie Andrews took over the club and made it in his own image. Pep Comics #66 carried the message that the club would be known as the Archie Club. Members were requested to send in their membership cards in exchange for which they were to receive a new Archie Club button free of charge, new members could join for 10¢.


and Archie had his own collectors pin.







a new membership badge was issued…


Shield G-Man Club Badge
5ᵗʰ Version
blue rim, mylar film pinback button. The overall construction is comprised of metal and, a heavy-duty polymer backing.
1¼ inches in diameter

and a new Membership ID Card was issued…

The 2018 club was unofficial and limited to 200 members.

Alex Wright Agent 024
Alexander Raymond Agent 030
Alfonso Limone
Allen Trembone Agent 015
Andrew Alan Smith
Anthony Burcher Agent 006
Anthony Conn Agent 036
Barry Hamlet
Barry Reese
Bradley S. Cobb Agent 028
Brian Humphreys Agent 009
Bro Michael Henry
Chad McAlpin
Chris Squires Agent 021
Dærick Gröss Sr. Agent 013
Daniel MacMaster
Daniel St. John Agent 002
David Lounsberry
Dennis Ray
Donnie Page
Frank Hayden Agent 018
Giovanni Aria Agent 008
Goz Mosis
Henry Flores Jr Ibarra
Howard Moses
Jason Hargrove
Jeffery Leamon
Jeffrey Petters
Jeffrey Vaughn Agent 023
Jerry Franklin
Joe Higgins  Director
Joeseph Simon
John Fasano
John Paul
Jose Luis Moral
Justice Carmon
Justin Raw Vvegan
Kelly M Graham
Ken Anthony II
Ken Johnston
Kent Clark Agent 032
Kent Hammerstrom Agent 031
Kevin Noel Olson Agent 007
Kevin Moorhead
Kevin Potter
Korey Watkins
Lance Jones
Leon Mallett
Lou Mougin
Lucas Szewcayk Agent 017
Marcelo Bravo
Mark A. Lester Agent 011
Mark Barnard
Mark Davis
Martin Boruta Agent 004
Matthew Szewczyk Agent 016
Michael Dunne Agent 029
Michael Netzer
Michael Resig
Nicholas Naclerio Agent 012
Neil Robertson
Patrick Thomas Parnell
Patrick Tuller Agent 033
Paul Castiglia
Paul G. Villaverde
Phil Latter
Randall Eharb
Randy Buchanan
Ray Sablack Agent 034
Reuben Rogers
Ric Croxton Agent 019
Richard Boucher
Richard Vasseur Agent 005
Rick Karboviak
Rick Williams
Ricky Custer
Rik Offenberger Agent 001
Rob Shalda
Robert Kotoff
Rolando Rodriguez Agent 035
Ronald Owens
Scott Martin Agent 026
Scott Waldeck
Shaun Clancy Agent 003
Shawn Clay Agent 025
Stephen Lipson Agent 027
Steve Taylor
Steven Butler Agent 010
Tim Healy Agent 020
Tim Majka
Tommy Troy
Tony Ellis
Trent Black
Von Grimm
Wayne Judge Agent 014