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The Reawakening-Updated 07-25-08

Unfinished fan fiction. Works in progress.

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Post Tue May 27, 2008 11:20 am
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another page:

Page 2

Panel 1-the large car is now pulled up near the blockade that the military has set up. Various Military personnel have positioned themselves a few feet behind the barricade and have their weapons drawn. The situation is very tense. Swift is near the military personal with Higgins at his side, swift seems ready for a confrontation. Blackjack is also crouched and ready for an attack.

Panel 2-the back door to the car flies open. Swift yells “everyone stay ready for anything.”

Reporters and other civilians are scattering from the scene.

Panel 3-out of the car steps the jaguar looking very much like he did at the end of his battle in the beginning of the story. He’s less feral in appearance and is dressed in a black suit. Behind him is a girl who is much younger than him but looks strikingly similar to him in that she has very dark features. We also notice that she has a belt around her waist that is very similar to the gauntlets that the Jaguar wears.

Swift-“Jaguar, what the hell are you doing here? What makes you think you can just come waltzing into a military operation like this? What do you..”

Jaguar-“Shut up Swift. Don’t be an idiot with your grandstanding. I’m not here for any other reason than to help you.”

Panel 4-Swift is very upset at this point but waves off the soldiers. “Fine, let him through. We wanted to talk to you anyway so you saved us the trouble of finding you after you trashed that street with your little battle a few days ago.”

Panel 5-Jaguar is now face to face with Swift.

Jaguar-“we have unfinished business and when this is over I intend to finish it.”

Swift-“we can finish it anytime you’re ready’

We also notice that Higgins has now moved in back of Swift slightly to one side and seems like he is readying himself for a battle.

Panel 6-In reaction to Higgins the girl with jaguar has now moved up and is standing a little off to his right; she is lined up with Higgins and is crouched down slightly like she is ready for battle.

Post Tue Jun 10, 2008 9:58 am
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things are moving along a little slow, I've got so many ideas but getting them down in print is taking a little longer than I thought...I might do a couple of "cliffnotes" posts to mvoe the story along..but for now:

Page 3

Panel 1-shot of The Jaguars face, he looks very cocky right now, eyes are narrowed a bit and he has a slight smirk. He simply says “Maria, that’s enough, there will be another time for this”

Panel 2-Maria stands down and steps back. Jaguar is still face to face with Swift and says “I didn’t come here to fight with you today and I didn’t come here to watch my daughter tear your little watchdog to shreds either. I believe we may be able to help each other with the man that attacked Hercules. If you don’t want my help then say so and I’ll leave and when the time is right we will settle our differences.”

Panel 3-Swift looks over at Higgins who is still ready to fight at any moment. “Joe, stand down.” Higgins stands down. “When the time is right jaguar we’ll settle this just like you said but for now how can we help each other?”

Panel 4-The jaguar turns away from Swift and looks up at the sky “I can tell you everything you need to know about the man that attacked Hercules today and attacked me days ago.”

Panel 5-Now Blackjack, Franklin and the Web have moved in closer. Dr. Whitney is still with Hercules who looks to be mostly recovered from the battle he had earlier.

Blackjack-“how do you know this guy Ralph? Why did he attack you and Hercules?

Panel 6-Jaguar is still looking up at the sky “Jack, to answer that we have to take a step back in time. I haven’t always been honest with you about who I am and how I got my powers.”

Blackjack-what do you mean…..not “honest” with us?

Jaguar-“Tell me Jack, have you ever heard the legends about “the five”?

Post Tue Jun 24, 2008 10:05 am
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Page 4

Panel 1- cut back to the dark mansion. It is night and we see only one room is lit up. Thomas is standing in front of the window. Thomas is looking much healthier now. He has 2 suitcases in a room with him.

Thomas-Y’know, I appreciate you helping me out but I need to tell people where I’m gong to be. I can’t just disappear. I need to call a meeting and let people know…

Coming from the next room-No Thomas, you don’t have to do anything. All you have to do is trust me.

Panel 2-Thomas opens a door to see the older man floating, arms outstretched to each side the walking stick he held is in is right hand, his entire body crackles with power, that power extends out and to the front of him where we see the hood floating. We also notice a dark figure in the shadows, this is the same figure that originally helped Thomas deal with The Fox.

Older Man-The Hood is very powerful and it would have killed you but I can negate it’s power for sometime and we must begin your training. If you don’t learn to control the Hood it will destroy you just as it did your father and your fathers father.

Shadowy Figure-You must move quickly. Chaos will send agents to distract and destroy you

Panel 3-The lights flicker slightly the older man powers down and is now standing on the floor the hood still floats but it now has a glow of it’s own.

From the side- The hood goes nowhere except where I take it.

Thomas and the older man turn to see a 2nd shadowy figure this one is much darker than the first, he is very “demonic” looking and has one of his arms outstretched towards the hood.

Panel 4-The hood begins to move toward the 2nd shadowy figure but the older man holds up his walking stick and it begins to glow with power and finally it blasts the 2nd figure

Panel 5-The 2nd shadowy figure has been knocked back a few feet and is hurting from the blast he just took.

“Fools…you think I would come here alone? You think Chaos doesn’t have millions waiting to help him? Come forward my champion”

And with that a burst of light blinds all in the room.

Panel 6-The Emperor stands where the 2nd shadowy demonic looking figure once stood, he floats about a foot off the ground and looks incredibly evil. Energy crackles around him and he glows with power.

“The hood belongs with Chaos; it is not an instrument of good and order. It is evil in nature. I will be taking the hood to chaos now…your petty magic is nothing to me. Try to stop me if you must but I will not be stopped. “

Post Mon Jul 14, 2008 11:22 am
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I've been really swamped, I just put this together just to keep things moving. I had to simplify some things and it's not as detailed as I would like but it keeps the story moving.

Page 5

Panel 1-The Emperor moves towards the hood which floats in the middle of the room, his hands are outstretched towards the hood, which glows with power. The older man stands a few feet away from the hood as well, the walking stick he carries crackles with energy.

Emperor – “There is nothing you or your parlour tricks can do to stop this from happening Zachary.”

Panel 2-Just as The Emperor is about to grab the hood an energy bubble surrounds it and it moves away from him and into the old mans hands.

Old man – “You will never have the hood while I live, as this realms master of magic I cannot allow it.”

Panel 3-The Emperor unleashes a blast towards Zachary (the old man), the blast is similar to the blast he used at the end of his battle with Hercules.

Panel 4-Zachary merely holds his walking stick in front of him as if to block the energy blast and the blast changes direction back towards the emperor.

Panel 5-The Blast strikes the emporer and sends him through a nearby wall.

Thomas – “my god! Who are you and how did you do that?”

Zachary – “We can discuss that later, I can hold off Shazor for a bit but I don’t know how long. We need to get the hood out of here as fast as possible. Justice my friend, we are in need of your assistance.”

Post Fri Jul 25, 2008 1:39 pm
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Page 6

Panel 1-We see the shadowy figure that’s been helping Thomas and Zachary come out of the shadows for the first time. He wears a hood over his head and a cape that seems to engulf his entire body. He has his right hand raised revealing his arm which is a blueish white in color. We also notice that his arm looks very “skeletal” , he has flesh but virtually no muscle…as if he is completely malnourished

Justice – (in a very ghostly voice) “you must go quickly, the battle with chaos has left me drained….

Panel 2-a mystical portal opens and we can see a very tranquil looking place on the other side.

Justice – you need to seek out allies to help you along the way, chaos will stop at nothing to get the hood. Shazor was only one of his agents he is creating an army to throw this world into madness.

Panel 3-Just as Zachary and Thomas are about to go through the portal an energy blast comes from the shadows of the room and hits justice, the figure firing the bolt is the same one who summoned the emperor initially. He resembles justice in that he wears a hood with a cape concealing what he actually looks like but he is much, much darker and larger than justice. You can tell his body is a very strong contrast to justice in that he looks very physically powerful now.

Panel 4 – The figure now turns to Zachary and blasts him with a similar energy blast, Zachary drops the hood. Thomas is completely awestruck by this whole scenario

Panel 5-Justice and Zachary are down for the count, the 2nd hooded figure stands triumphant, all that stands in his way is Thomas who looks to be to scared to do anything.

Shadowy figure – Now is the time for my ultimate victory on this plane of existence. Justice old friend, you are a shadow of your former self. With every new evil on this plane I gain power and with the hood in my possession Chaos will be victorious.

Panel 6 – Thomas dives for the hood, the eyes of the hood are glowing with power again. Chaos has thrown another energy bolt this time it’s intended to hit Thomas before he can reach the hood.

Chaos – Stupid boy. Now you must die,

Post Thu Jul 31, 2008 11:09 am
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funny how things happen, I just landed a great new job and I don't know if I'll be able to keep this thread up much longer. I actually had tons of ideas and tons of plans for what I was gonna do. I was working on revamping tons of characters and I had a bunch of ideas for new villians.

I had a great time doing this and I leaned alot about my writing strengths and weaknesses.

I had enough ideas to keep this thing going for literally a few years so what I'm gonna do over the next few weeks is jsut post some "what would have happened" where I'll just totally cliff notes everything, what my plans were for each character and where the storylines were gonna go. Maybe I'm taking this to serious and people don't really care but I really want to get this out there. I guess I was hoping I could use this to hone my craft and maybe one day actually write comics....who knows, maybe one day that will happen but I think it's best if I just throw my cards on the table.

I really welcome feedback from anyone, let me know what you liked and what you didn't...let me know if things made sense and once I post some explanations on some of the characters let me know what you think.


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