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Bob Phantom: The Hero Forgotten (updated 10/16/1)

Unfinished fan fiction. Works in progress.

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Mighty MLJ
Mighty MLJ

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Please note: In 1990 Rueben Ruebens, a pulitzer prize-winning journalist, started a series of articles on the forgotten super-heroes of America. This is the first of the articles.

By Bradley S. Cobb

The Hero Forgotten: Bob Phantom

The year was 1968. It had been five years since JFK's death, and the country was just getting completely back to normal. The super-heroes of the land were looked up to as the patriotic, and sometimes moral, leaders of our country. People such as the Fly and the Shield embodied the values that America still held dear to their hearts.

In Capitol City, however, the hero best known was a man by the name of Bob Phantom. First appearing in the early days of WWII, Bob Phantom had a career spanning almost thirty years. It all ended, however, on a fateful night in October....This is the story of Bob Phantom.

End of introduction. More to follow

Post Mon Feb 07, 2005 1:51 am

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Brad, no updates since 2001, what's up with that.

From what you have I can't tell if I like the story or not.

Post Tue Feb 08, 2005 1:46 pm
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Mighty MLJ

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This story was planned a long time ago, and I was all ready to write it, until I read a few of the stories he appeared in, and there was a few things I would have to rectify, and I put it on the back burner...and forgot all about it...So, if you really want to know what the overall story plan was, I'll let you know, but there's no real timeline for me even continuing this story for the time being...sorry.


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Mighty MLJ
Mighty MLJ

Posts: 22's been ten years since I last even spoke about this story. I've got some handwritten notes from it somewhere in a box. Maybe they should come back out and see the light of day.

If I could only remember what the story was...

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Well, we wait breathlessly for the story to appear.
Thanks, by the way, for looking at my 'story' of the MLJ and the history of those heroes.
If we could only make a difference.

I wished the MLJ heroes could return ... and not be so 'dark'.
If only they could compete with Marvel and DC ... and be written and drawn in those veins.
'Goldielocks' style. Not too dark... not too light.

Mark Waid could come in and help set the tone... or even someone like Roy Thomas. Geeesh. It isn't like there is no one out there.

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