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Dark Circle Comics reveals first wave of titles

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Comic BooksSteve Sunu, Staff Writer/Reviews Editor14


Dark Circle Comics has announced its first books for 2015, including a redesigned version of "The Shield."
In anticipation of Comic-Con International 2014, Archie Comics' recently-revealed Dark Circle Comics superhero line has announced the first three titles in its 2015 lineup. Among the first books in the Dark Circle line are Duane Swierczynski and Michael Gaydos' "The Black Hood" that re-envisions the character as an urban vigilante; Adam Christopher and Chuck Wendig's "The Shield," which features a new female version of the character designed by Wilfredo Torres; and a second volume of Mark Waid and Dean Haspiel's "The Fox," "Fox Hunt."

"Duane and Michael are concocting a gritty, noir crime thriller that presents the Black Hood as the true urban vigilante he was meant to be," line editor Alex Segura said via press release. "Chuck, Adam and Wilfredo are introducing a new Shield that will stand tall as the latest and best incarnation of the character – and she’s not to be messed with. A true super hero action-adventure that brings to mind the scope and grandeur of some of the best comic books have to offer. Plus, another dose of 'The Fox' from Haspiel and Waid, two of comicdom’s mad scientists bringing their absolute A-game to the newly-minted ongoing series. Readers are in for a treat, and I only wish they could see the art and stories come in as quickly as I do. It’s going to be a fun ride."

More details on each series were revealed by USA Today, including quotes from each of the series' creators. "The Black Hood" will kick off with "The Bullet's Kiss," introducing Philly cop Greg Hettinger, who gets shot in the face during the opening scenes.

"When I pitched my idea for the series, I intentionally went way dark, figuring they'd either tell me to scale it back, or give me a polite pat on the head and tell me to go away," Swierczynski told USA Today. "To my happy surprise, Alex and the gang embraced the darkness."

For "The Shield," series co-writer Adam Christopher describes the newest character to take on the mantle as "a very powerful, very modern female superhero. And I think that's something to celebrate."

"We've got one of the scariest bad guys, one of the coolest good guys and a whole host of supporting characters," he said.

As for "The Fox," "Fox Hunt" will continue the story that Waid and Haspiel began in the first volume, following the story of Paul Patton Jr.

Tthere is no world in which it makes any sense not to come to the table when Dean Haspiel invites you," Waid said. "As much fun as our first outing on 'The Fox' was, this is even crazier and more adventurous. It's grim without being dark, it's fun without being childish -- it's flat-out action-adventure meant purely to entertain."

Check out a selection of art from each of the series below.

Wifredo Torres' early designs for "The Shield."

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Thanks for the link Captain Sprocket.

I will be giving them a try, and I am very intrigued to see where they go.
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I decided to re-read the Fox mini last night, and it prompted me to wonder whether the Dark Circle iteration will be brand new, or whether it will simply be a new ear of legacy characters within the old continuity.

Not saying *will* be, but possibilities are open. It is not unthinkable for the new Shield to be hitherto not revealed female relative, especially with the 25-30 year gap between the 80's books and New Crusaders.

Equally, in the 80's books we saw a glimpse of other Black hoods did we not (my memory may be fuzzy), which of course allows for a new legacy there.

Of course this may simply prove to be a hard reboot, in which case it will be interesting to see whether any continuity discrepancies are resolved between the Freak Magnet and Fox Hunt stories if the character ends up being ostensibly the same with the same set-up and background.
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After posting that and reading Captain Sprocket's link it looks like this is not a hard reboot but could be set within existing continuity:

The first question you're going to have reading the book is, "Who is this woman that is the new Shield? How does it tie to what's come before, and more importantly, what does she stand for?"

You've mentioned that these books technically build on the universe that stretches back to the Golden Age, so I wonder what that means for the proposed "New Crusaders: Dark Tomorrow" series and some of the characters we had met there?

Obviously, I was around when we launched "New Crusaders," and Paul Kaminski has been involved on all the Dark Circle stuff. He's been on every e-mail, and between the two of us, we've got a nice little Dark Circle corner in the Archie offices. Having that continuity was huge. We're all fans of what "New Crusaders" did and those characters, and it's always on my mind how we can get back to that story, or at least show what happens in that miniseries. It's not off the table, but it's also not something that's on the front burner right now. I know a lot of fans have been asking about it, and we're as big of fans as what went into that book as anyone. So you'll probably see all that filter in down the line with some of these new books. That's not something we're ready to get deep into yet, but we're not sweeping it under the rug
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