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Post Thu Mar 09, 2006 2:00 am
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When I was boy growing up in Pittsburgh, one of my favorite leisure activities was sit up in my room with a bag of popcorn, tortilla chips or some other snack food and read a stack full of comic books with with a record or two playing on the record player. So to get myself in the mood to write this review, I decided to go back to those days of yesteryear in style. I made myself a bag of popcorn, put an old LP by Manfred Mann (remember them?) on the turntable, and read Jackpot Comics #7 (cover dated Fall, 1942). Was that book worth going through all that trouble? We'll see after we get past that cool Irv Novick cover:

STEEL STERLING; We start off the book with the results of mixing Steel Sterling with a propaganda spewing Nazi broadcaster named Merry Ha-Ha; a very stupid police detective named Mulligan; and a Nazi spy-ring. The result is a tongue-in-cheek story by Carl Hubble to lead off the book in style.

CLANCY AND LOONEY; It seems that after getting in trouble with a judge, Sergeant Clancy finds himself in the sticks. But that doesn't stop him and Looney from getting involved with a gang of would-be Nazi saboteurs. Another funny little story from the pen and brush of Carl Hubble.

THE BLACK HOOD; Now the book gets interesting as the Black Hood finds out that a group of heirs are being systematically forced to kill themselves by the music of a evil Pied Piper. A breezy little thriller made even more interesting by the art of Sam Cooper. I noticed that Sam Cooper swiped the splash page from a similar splash page that kicked off a story in Timely's Captain America Comics #7.

SERGEANT BOYLE; In a continuation of a wild story from Pep #33, Sgt Boyle and his rival Cpl. Collins race to Holland to try to keep a list of Dutch underground fighters out of Nazi hands. Carl Hubble once again delivers the goods in another one of those tongue-in-cheek adventures.

SENOR SIESTA; A humor story that's not my cup of tea in the humor department.

MR. JUSTICE; It seems that the infamous box of Pandora has fallen into the hands of a crooked professor who was about to release the menacing spirits within. This ends up inevitably bringing Mr. Justice into action against the menaces from Pandora's Box. Once again Sam Cooper delivers the goods on the artwork in this offbeat tale.

ARCHIE; For his first ever Christmas tale, Archie does his Christmas shopping and gets a pair of skis. And once he gets them, he shows us how NOT to ski. Bob Montana delivers on a story that is just as funny now as it was then.

So what's my verdict on Jackpot Comics #7? Very much worth both the popcorn and the copy of Manfred Mann's British LP Mann Made Hits (His Master's Voice CLP-3559 mono) on the turntable. And it was as good of a read as that LP was as good of a listen.
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