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During the Golden Age of comics, many publishers with more than one sucessful monthly anthology title combined the best features from those anthologies into one special quarterly anthology. This trend was launched by DC when they took the best features of four of their six anthology anthology titles - MORE FUN COMICS, ADVENTURE COMICS, ALL-AMERICAN COMICS and FLASH COMICS - and brought them together in a quarterly anthology entitled ALL-STAR COMICS(remember, the two lead features of DC's ACTION COMICS and DETECTIVE COMICS had their own books) way back in 1940. The next year, ALL-STAR COMICS would be followed by such titles as WORLD'S BEST COMICS(soon retitled WORLD'S FINEST COMICS, AMERICA'S GREATEST COMICS, ALL-WINNER'S COMICS, and COMIC CALVACADE among others.

In Spring 1941, MLJ launched their entry into the quarterly anthology stakes when they took four of the best features from their 4 anthology titles - STEEL STERLING from ZIP COMICS; THE BLACK HOOD from TOP-NOTCH COMICS; MR. JUSTICE from BLUE RIBBON COMICS; and SERGEANT BOYLE from PEP COMICS - and put them in a quarterly anthology. For the title, they picked what every gambler hopes to hit, the jackpot. So in Spring of 1941, JACKPOT COMICS was launched. And if one could get past that classic cover by Charles Biro, here's what you would find:

STEEL STERLING; The book gets off to a great start when Steel Sterling; along with Dora, Clancy, and Looney; goes to the city's Chinatown for the Chinese New Year celebration only to get involved in a series of murders involving green eggs. Charles Biro delivers the goods on the art in this tale. STEEL STERLING would go on to appear in all 9 issues of JACKPOT COMICS.

THE BLACK HOOD; For the first of his 9 JACKPOT appearances, we get a clever little thriller as the Black Hood finds out that a legend of a Lorelei is being used as a cover for a gang of modern-day pirates. Al Camy delivers on the art on this tale.

MR. JUSTICE; Like Steel Sterling and the Black Hood, Mr. Justice would appear in all 9 issues of JACKPOT COMICS. And for his first JACKPOT adventure, he investigates a series of murders at a defense plant only to find that a voodoo preist and a pair of Nazis were involved in those instances. Joe Blair (story) and Sam Cooper (art) deliver the goods in this story.

SERGEANT BOYLE; In his first JACKPOT adventure, Sgt. Hank Boyle finds himself trying to rescue his brother Tommy after he was captured by a Nazi submarine crew. At to top it off, he had to get help from the last person he wanted help from, a certain Corporal Jim Collins. Once again Charles Biro delivers the goods on the art. The good Sergeant would appear in the first 8 issues of JACKPOT COMICS.

It seems that MLJ hit the jackpot with this book. And would continue to do so until issue #9 in the Spring of 1943 (it would become JOLLY JINGLES with issue #10). And the readers back then were really the lucky ones.
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