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Post Sat Aug 27, 2005 12:44 pm
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If you look at the first eight issues of Blue Ribbon, you get the feeling that something was missing in those early issues. That something was a strong lead feature. Although Rang-A-Tang, the Wonder Dog was a decent strip, in an age of supermen, it wasn't lead feature material. So when the Mr. Justice feature was introduced in issue #9 (which now bore the title - on the cover - of Blue Ribbon Mystery Comics), things started happening for the book as it got stronger with each conscutive issue. As Blue Ribbon #11 (cover dated April, 1941) hit the stands in February, 1941, things were happening big time. So if one could get past that great Sam Cooper cover featuring Mr. Justice fighting against a bunch of demons on a train, here's what you would find:

MR. JUSTICE; The book gets off to a great start as Mr. Justice faces his first supernatural oriented menace in the form a Nazi controlled creature called the King of the Vampires who took control of a South American dipolmat in order to wreck a trade deal. The Royal Wraith's creative team of Joe Blair and Sam Cooper deliver the goods on this fast paced thriller.

RANG-A-TANG; Joe Blair and Ed Smalle follow up the lead-off tale in grand style as Rang-A-Tang and his masters Hy Speed and Richy Waters find themselves investigating a series of fatal animal attacks at a movie studio.

THE FOX; Irwin Hasen delivers the goods on the artwork as the Fox investigates the murder of Marion Harper only to find himself trying to break up an extortion racket being run by a tabloid.

STEVE STACY; In the first part of a two-part adventure, Steve Stacy investigates the disapperance of a B-17 Flying Fortress only to be taken captive by a gang of Nazi spies.

CORPORAL COLLINS; Charles Biro shows what happens when Slapsie gets involved with a female British intelegence opperative. The result is that his pal Cpl. Collins has to rescue both of them from a concentration camp in a wild adventure that mixes humor with adventure. Watch for a cameo by a certain Sgt. Boyle.

TY-GOR; Here's what happens when our modern-day Mowgli runs afoul of a truant officer, he ends up unitentionally competing in a track meet. Here Mort Meskin delivers on the artwork.

DOC STRONG; Here Doc strong and his allies are taken captive by a female barbarian leader. Probably one of the weekest stories in this issue.

LOOP LOGAN; Here Loop Logan and Clatra try to infiltrate an Italian air base using a captured bomber. A somewhat decent story.

THE GREEN FALCON; In the first part of a two parter, the green Falcon and his men are forced to put aside their war with Prince John and join forces with him in order to stop an invasion by Spanish forces. Ramona Plantenaude delivers on the art.

Looking at Blue Ribbon #11, you see that things were starting to really happen for the title. Although there were a few weak spots in the book, it was eventually getting stronger. And it would get better with each issue to come.
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