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A few months ago when I went to Las Vegas, I tried my hand at playing a table game called Pai-Gow .. In this game, one is dealt seven cards and the player is to arrange the seven card into two hands: a standard 5 card . hand and a 2 card hand. To win a bet, the player's two hands have to beat the dealer's (for a better explaination of the rules of Pai-Gow ., go to ,!-- w -->, class="postlink" ,="">,!-- w -->). Looking at the contents of Jackpot Comics #8, one could easily see the comic book version of a winning Pai-Gow . hand. Here's how the contents of the book would look if they were arranged as a Pai-Gow hand (that is if one gets past that cool Harry Sahle cover):

This is the winning 5 card hand:

STEEL STERLING; The book gets off to a great start with a wild adventure in North Africa as Steel and Looney try to pave the way for an Allied invasion of North Africa by smashing a Nazi spy ring and allowing for some key Allied commanders to come ashore. A rousing story featuring some equally rousing artwork by the late Mr. Irving Novick.

THE BLACK HOOD; From North Africa, we got to Mexico for an interesting little thriller as the Black Hood finds himself battling a ghostly Aztec witch-doctor and trying to prevent Barbara Sutton from being sacrificed by the Aztecs. Featuring artwork by either Sam Cooper or Warren King.

SERGEANT BOYLE; What do you get when you put together Sgt. Boyle and Twerp, a trouble-making monkey, an amourous WAC, a gang of Nazi spies, and a hidden Nazi submarine base? You get a wild, tongue-in-cheek adventure yarn featuring art by Carl Hubbell. Sadly, this was to be Sgt. Boyle's last adventure in the pages of Jackpot Comics. The feature would continue in the pages of Pep Comics until issue #39 in mid 1943.

MR. JUSTICE; In a very unusual adventure, Mr. Justice looks into a blood feud between two rival munitions manufacturers that turns tragic for the offspring of the two rivals. And in order to set things right, he has to go back into the distant past of both families. An offbeat little story featuring art that was probably the work of Paul Reinman (substituting for Sam Cooper).

IT SHOULDN'T HAPPEN TO A DOG, CUBBY THE BEAR; Taken together, these two stories come off as the weakest card in the hand.

Now for the winning two card hand:

ARCHIE; After being caught reading a book on "How to Be a Detective" in class, our favorite teenager shows us in grand style how NOT to be a detective. It's just as funny now as it was then.

CLANCY AND LOONEY; Long before Universal-International had Bud Abbott and Lou Costello meet up with the Mummy, Carl Hubbell had Officer Clancy and Sgt "Looney" Lunar meet up with a fake mummy in a very funny little story.

Taking this all together, the contents of Jackpot #8 form a winning Pai-Gow hand. If I had hands like this when I play Pai-Gow . at the casino, I'd clean up big time.
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