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Post Sat Aug 27, 2005 6:39 am
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Jackpot Comics practically went out with a bang with its ninth and final issue (it would become Jolly Jingles with issue #10). Throughout its nine issue run, Jackpot always managed to deliver the goods with excellent stories featuring some of MLJ's top strips of the day. And issue #9 was no exception. Looking at most of the stories in this book made me wish that MLJ had continued this title so we could have had more superheroic action every 3 months. But like all good things, they have to end someday. How good was this book? Lrt's see:

STEEL STERLING; The book (to bar a phrase from James Brown) gets off on the good foot with a great wartime thriller as Steel Sterling investigates a truck hijacking only to find himself fighting a massive sabotage plot by Nazi agents. Irv Novick delivers the goods n the art in grand style. Steel Sterling would continue to appear in the pages of Zip Comics until late 1944.

ARCHIE; For his final Jackpot appearance, Archie shows us how not to drive your dad to work in grand style. This story is just as funny now as it was then.

THE BLACK HOOD; The book continues to get interesting as the Black Hood investigates a murderous chain of events involving a map made of human skin. The Black Hood would continue to appear in Top-Notch Laugh Comics until mid 1944 before moving to Pep Comics and his own book.

IT SHOULDN'T HAPPEN TO A DOG and PORKCHOPS; The weakest stories in this book. Not my cup of Earl Grey in the humor department.

MR. JUSTICE; For his final Golden Age appearance, Mr. Justice has to deal with the results of an experiment gone wrong as he fights against a radioactive zombie. Sam Cooper delivers the goods on the character he co-created back in late 1940. Mr. Justice would be revived in the 1960's when made his first Silver Age appearance in the now infamous fourth issue of The Mighty Crusaders (first series).

CLANCY AND LOONEY; This strip goes off on a high note as Clancy tries to deliver Looney's uniform from the tailor shop only to hav ehim and Looney run into a plot by a Nazi sabotuer to poison the personel of an Army base with poisoned meat. Looking at this strip, it makes me wonder why didn't the powers-that-be at MLJ didn't put this feature in the pages of Zip when it when in a more humorous oriented direction.

For a final issue, Jackpot #9 was for the most part, an exceptional one. For the most part, it was on the level of the final issues of Top-Notch, Blue Ribbon, and Hangman. The people of MLJ should have been proud of bringing out this book. MLj did more in just 9 issues of this book than most titles would have done in 100 issues. And that's an accomplishment in itself.
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