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Post Sat Aug 27, 2005 6:36 am
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On the surface, Black Hood Comics #10 seems an unlikely candidate for a transition issue. But in the case of one of the strips appearing in the book, it was one. This book featured what might have been the last appearance of one of MLJ's most celebrated heroes, the Hangman. But the rest of the book is interesting as well. How interesting was it? If you could get past that moody cover by Harry Sahle, here's what you would find:

"Headline for Homicide" (THE BLACK HOOD); The book gets off to a great start as a former editor of a newspaper turns his services to crime by setting up a newspaper that shows felons how to commit spectacular crimes. But he didn't show how to deal with a certain yellow and black clad gangbuster. Clem Weisbecker performed the duties on the art and Harry Shorten did double duty as both writer and editor.

"The Riddle of Sgt. McGinty's Voice" (THE BLACK HOOD); Here the Black Hood tries find if Sgt. McGinty was responisble for a series of false radio reports that sent many patrolmen on wild goose chases. Here Irv Novick delivers on the artwork.

"New Director of Orphan Asylum" (THE BLACK HOOD); Here the Black Hood investigates the goings on in an orphange. Probably the weakest of the three Black Hood stories in this issue. And Bill Vigoda's artwork didn't help the story either.

"The Crime of the Centuries" (THE HANGMAN); For what was argueably his last appearance in comics, the Hangman finds himself tracking a criminal who had been sent 100 years into the future by a mad scientist. To do so, he had to go into the future himself. Bob Fujitani delived the goods on the artwork in this very offbeat story. Considering that Black Hood #10 was very likely on the stands around the same time as Pep Comics #47 (cover dated May, 1944; which featured the Hangman's last appearance in that title), this has the possibility of being the Hangman's last Golden Age appearance. He would be revived in the 1960's and end up practically becoming the most misused of the great MLJ superheroes.

DUSTY THE BOY DECTECTIVE; The book comes to a close with probably the weakest story in the book as Bill Vigoda tries to find out what to do wth Dusty. Very much a yawn storywise.

Black Hood Comics #10 comes off as a decent issue of the title. The Hangman story was what made the book for me. That plus two good Black Hood stories made the book an interesting read in my opinion.
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