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Post Sat Aug 27, 2005 6:33 am
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In the game of ., a full house consists of three of a kind and a pair. In many cases, a strong three of a kind will make up for a weak pair. And Hangman Comics #7 is a great example of one of those occurances. Like one of those full boats, it had a very strong three of a kind (in the form of the Hangman stories) to make up for a weaker pair. How does this book stack up, let's look at the cards we were dealt; I mean the contents of this book:

"The Tiger and the Ruby" (HANGMAN); This book gets off to a great start with an interesting little mystery involving a murdered rajah and a stolen ruby aboard a ship. Watch for a pair of funny sequences involving how Thelma Gordon ropes poor Bob Dickering (a-k-a the Hangman) into this little mystery and how he leaves her holding the bag when the ship docks. Bob Fujitani (who drew all three stories in this issue) delivers the goods on the art.

"Murder in the Guest Room" (HANGMAN); For a follow-up to the lead tale, we get an off-beat little gothic mystery involving a cursed mansion, a young woman, and a pair of mysterious deaths. Probably one of the moodiest Hangman tales ever written and illustrated, helped by Fujitani's atmospheric artwork. And don't reveal the shock ending to anyone who hasn't read it yet.

"The Hangman's Ransom" (HANGMAN); For the third and final Hangman tale in this issue, we get another great thriller. Here a criminal known as the Ferret unleashes a deadly plague upon the city. And his price for giving the cure, the Hangman had to surender himself to him. Three for three! Not bad at all!

"Trouble Hunters" (BOY BUDDIES); One of the two weakest stories in this issue. Here Dusty and Roy investigate the dissapearance of a scientist who disappeared in the woods while hunting. It ddidn't come off as good as it should have. And Ed Robbins' artwork didn't help matters any either.

"Not a Ghost of a Chance" (BOY BUDDIES); Another weak tale for Dusty and Roy, this one involving a gang of crooks in a suposedly haunted house. Although Clem Weisbecker's art helps a little bit, but not much.

So there you have it, a comic book equivilent of a full house in which a very strong three of kind helped a so-so pair. Hangman #7 comes of as a winning hand in any . game. Unless some one has a much stronger hand of course.
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