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I couldn't have picked a better issue of that title to review than the classic second issue of that title and the first issue to bear that title (the first issue came out as Special Comics). And like thousands upon thousands of young readers who plunked down their Mercury dimes for a copy of this book, I was blown away by it (!). This was one of the best issues of that title PERIOD! Now what was in this book that could blow me away? Let's see:

"Special Case #4" (The Hangman vs. Captain Swastika) (HANGMAN); The book gets off to a flying start with the story that introduces the Hangman's most memorable foe, Captain Swastika. In this story, the Hangman tries to prevent Captain Swastika from killing the daughter of an imprisoned German official to keep her from revealing information about his organization, the so-called Legion of the Swastika in an edge of your seat thriller. This would be the first of five duels between the Hangman and Captain Swastika. Featuring great artwork by either Warren King or Harry P. Lucey.

"Special Case #5" (The Clockmaker of Death) (HANGMAN); For the second story in this issue, we get another well done thriller as a vengeful clockmaker tries to take revenge on the three men whose actions led him to be sent to prison, using booby-trapped clocks as his weapons. Harry P. Lucey delivers the goods on this tale of vengence (Loved how he drew Thelma Gordon in this story).

"Special Case #5" (The Rabbit) (HANGMAN); For the final Hangman story in this issue (not counting the text story), we get a tale of how the Hangman's former college proffessor - a Professor Hare - is driven to murder several of his former students. Bill Wolfolk (story) and Warren King (art) deliver the goods in this tale.

"Special Case #3 (BOY BUDDIES); Their third case together finds Dusty and Roy trying to avoid the plans of the Shield and the Wizard long enough to smash a protection racket. Bill Woolfolk and Paul Reinman deliver the goods on this story.

"Special Case #4" (BOY BUDDIES); After finding out that the plans that the Shield and the Wizard had for their junior partners, Dusty and Roy head off to military school and help a young pilot get his nerve back while there. Once again the work is by Messrs. Wwooolfolk and Reinman.

Taken all together, Hangman Comics #2 comes off as one of the best issues of that title. And in my opinion was very much over the top for that title. Just read it again and blown away by it.
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