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Post Fri Aug 26, 2005 10:27 pm
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When I first saw the cover of PEP #9 in Richard O'Brein's book THE GOLDEN AGE OF COMIC BOOKS :1937-1945, I was immediatly facinated by the classic Irv Novick cover and wondered what the contents were like. Now, thanks to this website, I finally got to read this book. And Here's what I thought about it:

THE SHIELD: What can I say but Harry Shorten and Irving Novick did it again! They gave us another great little thriller as the Shield investigates a series of murders in a department store (this story could have easily been titled - borrowing the title from an episode of the old TV series THE AVENGERS -"Death at Bargain Prices"). Loved how they used Betty Warren and Ju Ju Watson in this story (not to mention how Mr. Novick drew Ms.Warren). Looking at Novick's artwork in this story, one could easily see the influence of Mort Meskin beginning to creep into his work (compare the artwork in this story to Meskin's PRESS GUARDIAN story in this issue).

THE COMET; Abner Sundell and Bob Wood managed to do a good job taking over for Jack Cole in this story involving the Comet after a group of crooks threatening a city with a powerful electromagnet. A major gripe with this story is after looking at a panel in page 2 at FBI Headquarters, they've missed out on a golden opportunity for a team-up between the Shield and the Comet (which would have been interesting because the Shield at this time would have been duty bound to arrest the Comet). If the people at MLJ did that, it would have been fun to see how Irv Novick would have drawn the Comet.

THE PRESS GUARDIAN; A good fast paced little thriller as the Press Guardian battles the Claw and his new creations, beast-men straight out of H.G. Wells' THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU. And Meskin delivered big time on the spectacular artwork. Compare Meskin's artwork in this story to Novick's SHIELD story in this issue to see how much of an impact he was having on his fellow artists in the MLJ bullpen.

FU CHANG; Interesting little story involving a treasure hunt and an island of lizard-men. An O.K. story.

SERGEANT BOYLE; Even with France falling around them, Sgt. Boyle and Twerp still manage to find themselves in a wild adventure involving several refugees (including a shapely blonde) trying to escape Nazi-occupied France. A nice little tale that mixed adventure and humor effectively.

THE MIDSHIPMAN; An interesting little story, allthough a little bit on the weak side.

THE ROCKET AND THE QUEEN OF DIAMONDS; Lin Streeter may have not been an Alex Raymond in the art department. But storywise, this strip can easly compare quite favorably with the more celebrated FLASH GORDON. And it shows in this fast paced adventure which was well written.

KAYO WARD; A strip that was very much in the JOE PALOOKA mold. Loved the character of Rupy Levez (who was incidently modeled on the famed "Mexican spitfire", actress Lupe Velez).

BENTLEY OF SCOTLAND YARD; A great little mystery featuring art by Sam Cooper. 'Nuff said!

Put it all together, you have a book that more than lives up to the classic
Novick cover that graces this book. A great book overall.
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Post Tue Jan 29, 2008 4:39 pm
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I own a real copy of this issue! just bought it on ebay for seventeen dollars! no cover, but otherwise intact, haven't read it yet, but when i do, perhaps i will add my own two pence worth about it.

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