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The Shield #1

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The Shield #1
Posted: Monday, September 14, 2009
By: Jason Cohen


Plot: The Shield is dropped into the Middle East in order to locate missing soldiers. In the back-up story, Inferno runs from the authorities after the events of his Red Circle special.

Comments: The Shield looks like a military book, done right. Looking at this first issue, it's clear that Eric Trautmann has landed the perfect book for his interests and that he's done his homework for every element in it. From the language to the characters' actions, everything looks to be well thought out. The Shield's powers also have been well thought out and fit well with the 'military superhero' theme.

The Shield himself is a soldier first and foremost; he is not a superhero who happens to work through the military, Lt. Joe Higgins is a meta-human super-soldier and a one-man unit. He isn't naïve enough to think that foreign countries like Americans, but despite their rejection of what he stands for, he still tries to represent the good in America. There is also evidence that he is deeply scarred from the injury that led to his current status. That's evident through a brief flashback shown in the middle of his mission.

Marco Rudy, fresh off his Escape mini-series (having to leave midway through in order to take on this title) continues his streak of great art. From page to page, he envisions the Shield as both a valiant hero and a rough and tough soldier. Rudy's unique page formats help make this title a unique experience that takes the book's specific genre and enhances it in every way. He only shows a weakness on the final page of this issue, where the surprise entrance of a certain character looks incredibly awkward and misshapen.

The Inferno backup looks like it has the potential to be a fast-paced, street-level mystery adventure that will string you along as more information is discovered. In the meantime, nothing seems to have been said about Frank Verrano's personality (not that he really remembers it) and the plot seems a little too much like the Matrix after a mystery figure warns Frank of the coming authorities. Greg Scott's art seems to be serviceable enough for this kind of story, even if it isn't particularly eye-popping (while Inferno's fire powers look great).

The Shield #1 is a perfect title for someone looking for a great military/superhero hybrid in the absence of Checkmate and the Freedom Fighters or a street-level adventure. If you questioned the purpose of bringing back the Red Circle characters, then this is the perfect answer because both stories represent the original characters and the DCU proper respectfully and efficiently. Follow each characters' adventures as they interact with previously established characters in familiar landscapes and hold on for the ride that is sure to begin.

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