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The Shield #3

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By The Best Shots Team, Courtesy of Shotgun Reviews
posted: 12 November 2009 02:19 pm ET


The Shield #3 (Published by DC Comics; Review by David Pepose): Endings mean a lot in my book, and I don't know if the final part of this arc necessarily sticks the landing -- things come together a little too pat, and I wish Eric Trautmann had given us a little bit more in the way of characterization for the Shield. There's a great moment when the Shield realizes all his friends are being controlled telepathically: "Lieutenant Joe Higgins: Welcome to the suck." Artist Marcos Rudy has some fantastic images -- like the Shield breaking Gorilla Grodd's arm with some krav maga -- but other sequences, such as a fistfight with Magog himself, are drawn so small it really kills the weight. This story -- 20 pages, with a 10-page back-up with Inferno -- I think really could have used the extra two pages to really shine. Either which way, this is a book with some serious potential, and I'm excited to see where they go next.

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