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The First Big! 64 Page !mpact W!nter Spec!al issue 1, 1991

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Say what you like, i loved this issue. I don't care if DC ruined the MLJ heroes (which i don't agree with anyway!), whatever your opinion DC published more comics featuring these heroes in a year and a half than Archie have managed in half a century! And this is the longest single issue in the !mpact comics run, and the first to feature a full blown team up between the main characters in the line.

The story's written in classic All-Star comics format, with a setup scene, then individual chapters featuring one team member in each and a final chapter where they all get together to whale the tar out of the bad guy. The setup scene shows President Bush snr (though they don't actually name him) being abducted by robots. The Web gets a message from an old "American Crusaders" villain that "Indigo" is back and the Magi must come out of their witness protection programme. This is all written as though we should know the backstory but of course none of this is from any comic ever published, i love it! it's quite "Watchmen" in that respect. Anyway this is all before they had even formed a team so the circumstances by which each team member is contacted are sometimes pretty dubious, but the writers write round it quite well. The chapters themselves are great, each one in the style of the individual books and each one with just the right amount of unlikeliness to make it believable.

That reminds me, each section is handled by the relevant character's regular creative team, including the writer - even the Black Hood, whose title was not yet out, i believe. The chapters are quite brief but they give a good overview of each character and this would make a great jump in point for any new reader.

Eventually they all get together for the first time and there's a good couple of unexpected twists in the story, although the bad guy seems pretty flaky considering how everybody's been shaking in their boots about him the whole story. Then there's a letters page! two pages of miscellaneous mail about the !mpact line so far! great! Well worth it.
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I have to admit to enjoying the Winter special more than most of the annuals, but perhaps a little less than the Crusaders series. That said, it was good honest fun. I came to these characters through the !mpact line, and the winter Special was one of the last books of the line that I picked up. Because of this I have no bias agaianst the characters and would second Calum's recommendation of the book. Fun stuff.
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One of my favorite books of the Impact line, it showed the potential that these heroes had as a team. It made me want a Crusaders book even more at that point. Of course when the Crusaders did come out, it misfired a number of times in my opinion.

Now I've gotta go re-read that issue! Thanks Calum! :>)

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